Tuesday, July 30, 2013

my very many looks

I was looking through pictures the other day and I realized that I've had a lot of looks. So I decided to share my memory lane of hair and looks with yall.
 (pardon the sombrero and mustache, it was my birthday- Cinco de Kellie)
These top 2 pictures though were how most of my youth was (when my mom didn't give me a mullet type hair cut...and no those are not going to be pictured...EVER). I remember that I had my high school boyfriend's prom the day before mine. So for his I had my hair long (to my butt) and curly (wish I could find those photos) and then the next day I chopped it off to my shoulders.
But during the beginning of college I pretty much kept it long and blonde.

 Until that day when I decided to get crazy and chop it really short. I think this was probably the shortest I've ever gotten my hair. I really liked it, but styling it was a beast.
 And then I frosted it more and more to keep it the pretty blonde I wanted it to be.
 And I let it grow out a little bit.
 But then I went through a breakup and decided I need a change. A bold one. So I dyed my hair brown. First it was more of a chestnut brown.

 But then somehow it got dyed black.
 However, I decided I liked the brown a lot better, so I let it fade some and even curled it a little more. PS. I call the above photo my indie stage.
Then I tried modeling a little bit- so I styled it a little more...posh. I think this is one of my favorite looks, because I seem to keep going back to it....
I also keep going back to the long brown hair.  Especially when it gets colder out- I just love having longer hair!

But see, I keep going back to the short chestnut!!

This last picture is how I've had my hair for awhile now. I tried to go back blonde, but I got highlights instead. Boo. 
But yesterday I did get more blonde in my hair. So it actually looks blonde now! 

I should also mention that colors not shown in this trip down memory lane: auburn, brown/red, pink, blue, long, long blonde hair, and current blonde/brown hair.

Thanks for joining me in my dorkiness!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

playlist/ vol. 5

I've been listening to music nonstop lately. Especially on long car rides. And these tunes have been playing a lot in my car. 
Hope you enjoy them too!!!

playlist 5 by Kellie on Grooveshark

Saturday, July 27, 2013

life currently (in iphone photos)

Life lately has been lovely and flying by. We've had friends visiting (and their pups...see below), I've been visiting friends, bowling (I joined a league!!!), shopping, pool days, spa day with some lovely ladies and just trying to enjoy the rest of my summer (1 more week!!! ekkkkk).
 I'm really happy I joined a bowling league. I've wanted to for some time and last Tuesday was my first game. It was the day before my dad's (would be) birthday and it felt like a great way to honor him. He was an avid bowler. He even had his own ball, ball bag and shoes!
Apparently we all have nicknames too. I'm "K-new" and I guess also "lemon poppy seed". Don't ask me to explain the last one....I still don't get it....

 For the past several days I got to visit my good friend, Ashley and her hubby. We met in college on a study abroad trip and I am so happy we still are so close. I'm just so glad she's only a few hours away and not any further!

 And then there was the most amazing spa day ever.  We had massages, saunaed it up, went in the hot tub and the pool, had lunch by the pool and drank our fill of citrus water. 
Since this is not something I am able to do very often (or like ever) I am really appreciative that I got to enjoy this. And for the good company!

Well ladies and gents, now it's time for me to sign off and spend some quality time with my handsome boyfriend. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A-Z// i is for....

I is for...indecision.

I'm one of the worst at making decisions. And since my friends, mom, and boyfriend are all there with me on this- it's always difficult picking anything.... place to eat, what to do....etc.
But I am probably the worst one.

I'm not entirely sure why making choices is so difficult for me, but somehow I always end up over thinking things so badly, I end up with no decision. I've done this with buying cars, buying dogs, to even buying clothes or what food to order. It's such a silly thing too. Part of me even yells at myself to just freaking pick something!! But there always are the "what-if's" and "am I really sures"?  (And yes, I even think this while ordering food.)

I was also indecisive about writing this blog post. Should I put this word as my "i"? Could I come up with another subject for this word? What about "ice cream"?  I mean, I love ice cream! But could I really write a whole post on it? (Actually, I probably could). But I want this series to be more serious and about who I am, because one day I'm going to look back on this and think "wow, that's how I was back then" or "yup, still the same". 

So if I had to describe myself in so many words, indecisive would be one of them. I don't think its that I'm incapable of making choices- I do and I can. It's just that I'm worried about making the wrong one, usually because I'm afraid of upsetting someone. This sounds super silly I'm sure- but I honestly do try to please others. I don't exactly love this trait about myself, which is why I honestly am trying to curb it a little bit. However, in some ways I'm thankful for having this characteristic, because at least I know I'm not making rash decisions. I have to take days to make some choices- which is good and bad I guess.


Monday, July 22, 2013

McKay family portraits

 A couple of weeks ago, I took family photos of this wonderful family. I am so glad that they let me photograph them. I had such a blast and I got a goal checked off my 26 before 27 list (take pictures of a family I haven't before).
Thank you McKays!!!!
And for more photos, you can visit my new photography website!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

link love

9 Things that will change and improve your life. Some seriously amazing things to think about!

Self improvement/ self discovery journaling ideas.

This little Swedish apartment looks so cozy!

And speaking of Swedish places....this one is to die for!

A VW camper tent. Kinda perfect and amazing!

DIY scratch off cards.

Zombie cookie cutters.

22 things to do while you have the chance. I honestly want to do about all of these!!

These creative activities are plain amazing. So glad I found the link on this gals' blog.

This photographer is amazing! She also did my good friend Erica's wedding and engagement pictures this year.

Speaking of friends on the internet, my bestie's boyfriend has a blog too. Check it out here. And in case you forgot, you can read hers here.

I actually really liked this site, unlike others that are similar. You type in what book you're currently reading and it gives you suggestions for the next possible book.

I love reading Mandi's blog. She's gone through so much in the past year or so, and she is still so positive and deeply inspiring. If you haven't read her blog before, do it now!

A photo of George Harrison and Bob Marley together? Or a photo of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Marlon Brando together? Only here.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

a new blog

One of my goals this year was to create a photography blog for myself. I wanted a place that was only my photography work on a blog, something separate from my personal blog. The main reason for this was because I was, and still am, hoping to make photography a second career, especially during the summers. I wanted a blog only for photos so that it would be more professional.

So I created this photography site.

And now I'm going back and forth on this idea.

The pros are that it keeps it professional looking- career separate from personal life. It also gave me the chance to work with another site instead of blogger. For the photography blog I went with wordpress. I honestly wanted to see how/if it would differ from blogger. And trust me, it is!

The deltas are that while I was hoping the new site would be easier and even more fun to manage, it hasn't been. Maybe I've been on blogger for too long, so learning something new has just been challenging, but I also feel like wordpress is just all around more difficult than blogger. I also don't know how I feel about separating the areas of my life now. I'm sure that if I actually am able to start a 2nd career from this, I will appreciate and enjoy the new space, but for now I just feel like I am taking away from this blog. I've also read so many blog posts on how to make your blog a successful/better site and most of the suggestions include creating a primary theme for your blog. In other words, figure out what you want your blog to be mainly about and stick with that instead of spreading yourself thin and making it about all sorts of things, which is what I have been doing. So does this mean that I want my main theme to be photography on my personal blog (a/k/a here)? Or do I want it to just be about my life, and therefore including professional photos would take away from the central theme?

So many silly thoughts.

Do any of you have advice? 

Or maybe if you are a reader of this blog, tell me if you would prefer to see photoshoots that I take here on the personal blog, or would you prefer that to be on another site?
I need help here people!


Monday, July 15, 2013

Sunday, July 7, 2013

NASCAR, year 2 (plus the beach)

 So this weekend, Steven and our friends and I took our (what is now annual) trip to Daytona for the NASCAR race, Coca-cola 400. It's definitely always interesting and fun (except for trying to find a cab on the way back to the hotel). 
We always start the day going to the beach and hanging out. This year I got pretty red though....I blame forgetting to reapply sunscreen to playing bochee ball. 
Then we head up some awesome food at our normal place (and play some shuffleboard). And to end it all, we head up to the race!
 One thing I love/hate about Florida, especially middle Florida are all the tourist traps. But they make for interesting photos. 
I also don't understand the oranges by the gas pumps..... it's really not kosher and freaked me out a bit.

 Below is our awesome group of friends. Gotta love the Nascar mustache.
And after the race, there was an amazing firework show. It was one of the best I've ever seen. 
 Although mine and Steven's guy, JG (Jeff Gordon for yall known Nascar folks) wrecked, I was okay with Jimmy Johnson winning.
 But the best part of the race was after the race and the fireworks, when a little yorkie pup made its way onto the track and tons of workers tried to catch him. The entire crowd cheered as the dog escaped their attempts and then cheered later when one of the workers actually caught the pup to take him back to his owners. 

Warning: below is me being emotional.....
so don't say I never warned ya!
I have to say, Nascar fans are one of a kind. 
And I do see why my dad liked it so much.
 Although, it made me sad that the crowd no longer holds up a 3 on the third lap in honor of Dale Earnhartd. He was my dad's favorite race car driver and died the same year as my dad. They were also the same age. So to not see a crowd of 3's made me feel like too much time has passed- like he's been somewhat forgotten. And the sap in me compares that to my dad- and the thought of anyone forgetting my dad makes me upset and even mad. How can people forget such a wonderful person? Especially when memories are all we are left- I don't want them to begin to fade. I don't want it to ever be okay not to hold up a 3- whether it's mainly for Dale or my dad, I don't care. I will do it every freaking time and I will remember how that year we lost so many people and the world greyed a little bit because of it.  But how the world is overall a better place because they were once a part of it. 

-the sap,

Friday, July 5, 2013

Erica and Robbie got married!!! (part 2)

 Here are the last of my photos of Erica and Robbie's big day!!! 
I was so honored to be a part of it and stand as her maid of honor.
And I feel incredibly lucky to have such amazing girlfriends!!!!

 Erica's last single girl kiss!!!!

Our bridesmaid bouquets were stunning!

 And the fireworks show put on next door was pretty sweet.

 A little out of sync, but this was the rehearsal the day before. Seriously gorgeous beach to walk out onto!!!
 Congrats Erica and Robbie!!!!!!