Wednesday, September 25, 2013

life lately

 So life lately has been insane. Even weird. And sad. But there's been some good too. (Could I get any more vague?)
School has been busy and some stressful, but I'm taking it day by day and praying more. And some of my kids are the sweetest and make me smile (see the last photo).
This past weekend I got a phone call from family in Alabama, telling me my aunt, who has been struggling with her health, passed away. It was a hard thing to hear, especially since our family is already so small and we use to be so close. The funeral is this coming weekend, and while I'm glad I will get the chance to pay my respects, I'm also a bundle of emotions about it as well.....
And the good? It's not my news, but I'm so very happy for my friends. One is getting married this Friday!!!!! And the other found out she's pregnant (hence the 2 bouquets of flowers photo above).
And then there's the rest.....fantasy football, trying out a costume for Chloe, getting new classroom books for my students to read, flowers and cards from my friends and co-worker friends, photoshoots and great news: my first paid photoshoot in a couple of weekends!!!!

And that's been my life. Ups and downs, goods and bads. As is life I suppose.

Monday, September 16, 2013

family beach photos

 A good day at the beach- I would say.

Good Things// volume 1

 During middle school (and even some high school) my parents got separated, divorced, and then my dad passed away shortly there after. So suffice to say, my parents thought it would be best for me to see a therapist. For the most part I hated it and I hated talking to a stranger about my problems. I did gain a helpful piece of advice (if that's what you want to call it...). He told me to keep a journal and whatever I write down, to follow it up with a list of good things that happened that day (and to write them in a different, bold color ink- so it would stand out). What I realized, was that the more I focused on the positive, the more positive I became. 
I'm not very good at keeping a written journal anymore (no matter how many times I make it a goal), but I do have this blog. And while I've tried to write mostly positive here, I'm not always good about sharing my everyday good. So why not start a new series?? 
So here it is.... (for however long it lasts).

Good Things.
volume 1:
- This morning, after hearing one of my students almost in tears because her backpack broke and her mom couldn't buy her a new one, a mom (who has never met the child or myself before) pulled me to the side and told me she was going to buy my student a new backpack and she'd be right back. The smile on my student's face was absolutely priceless as she showed off her new backpack to me was priceless.

-One my of my student's celebrated her birthday today and saved me a cupcake (which was totally amazing, by the way)!

-Girls night dinner tonight! I love those ladies so very much!

-A new show premieres tonight, which I've been looking forward to for awhile...Sleepy Hollow.

-Chloe cuddles. (Minus the biting of course).


Sunday, September 15, 2013

sneak peak

Just a little sneak peak of a fun photoshoot from this past weekend with one of my favorite families! I'm still editing the rest of the photos, so hopefully they'll all be posted later this week!

Happy almost Monday.

Monday, September 9, 2013

happy, happy, happy about God's love

Be strong and courageous.
Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you;
He will never leave you nor forsake you.
-Deuteronomy 31:6

I've loved this bible verse for as long as I can remember. It holds such power and promise to it. It's a source of comfort and a great reminder. 
It's also a tattoo of mine....

This past weekend I went to see Jase Robertson speak at a local church here in Jacksonville. And it was amazing. His topic was "Faith, Family and Ducks" which I think is completely appropriate for him and his speech. And while Jase had some awesome one liners, like "Kill and grill, so says the Lord", personal and hysterical stories, and reasons why having facial hair is a plus (so no one robs you), it wasn't just his message that spoke out to me this past Sunday.

Church is something I've talk about before. As is my idea of God and faith in Him. But this verse, the songs from worship, and then Jase's message all hit close to home.
One song verse that was my favorite from praise and worship this past weekend was "If God is with us, then who could stand against us" which is taken out of Romans 8. Just like Deuteronomy 31:6, it's such a bold and powerful statement. Especially when I feel so overwhelmed, which lately I have been. Sometimes it feels as if the world is against me, and at times it feels like that list even includes myself. I get bogged down with everything going on and feeling like I'm barely keeping my head above water. But then there's this verse (or I should say these verses). The entire bible is a promise of God's enduring love for us and these few lines are only a few examples of it, but what a wonderful reminder they have been. If I am working for the good of God and His plan, then who could ever be more powerful and derail that? If I have God on my side, how could I ever be alone or afraid?? 

But perhaps that is what I am struggling the most with right now. Am I following God and His plan for my life? Or am I selfishly trying to create my own plan, my own path? And why oh why is it so hard to give up that control, when I know His way is always better? I know that these are thoughts Christians struggle with on a constant basis, but I hate knowing that the reason for these thoughts is due to the fact that I have lost touch with Him and His plans for me. I haven't trusted Him and followed Him like I should. 
And maybe, that's one of the biggest reasons I am so thankful for fellow Christians, and for the bible itself. I needed that reminder this weekend. I needed a swift kick in the butt. And I needed to get my focus in the right spot again. 
The only way I won't get bogged down is by making sure I'm aligned with His path and thank goodness He knows better than I do. 

So I guess if you actually stayed and read this entire post, you might be wondering what in the hell the point of this thing is. (I was beginning to wonder myself actually.) But it is this..... so many people don't believe in having Christian fellowship (which can mean church) or reading the bible, but this has served as a vital reminder that it necessary. I'll be the first to admit I am awful about taking the time these days, or waking up early, but that doesn't mean I should cut it all out altogether. Because that's sadly what I've done and I feel lost for it. And maybe you think differently for your life, and that's fine- I'm not here to tell you how to live or think or what to believe. I simply am trying to figure out how I need to live and what I think and believe. And so, I post it here not as a sermon or way to shove religion or God down anyone's throats, but to remind myself the reason and purpose for my being. To remind myself of the promise and love God has had for us (and even hypocritical, messed up me) and will continue to have even though we stray. 

I know that this topic can be a controversial one, and while I thought about not posting something so personal, I realized that this blog is about me (and who am I kidding, I'm probably the only one that reads it, haha). And what I wanted to share today, what I needed to remember today, was how I felt after Sunday's service and how I now crave change from it.  
I am not and will not be a person who strays away from sharing my faith online simply because it might offend. If this topic is offensive to you, I apologize and let you know that just as I have the right to write it, you have the right to not read it. And that's okay. We don't have to agree. 
And I won't always post things of this nature. But for today, I have. And that's that, I guess.


Thursday, September 5, 2013

lamp inspiration

Last year I bought 2 lamps at a garage sale with the purpose of using them in my classroom. However, they were ugly and I decided that I needed to do something to revamp them before putting them up in my room. Weeks went by, then months and I had some ideas, but just nothing I really wanted in mind still. Those stupid lamps are finally in my classroom this year, but they still are not restyled. Nope- they are just as is in my room.

So I decided that I needed to do some inspiration research to try and find cute ideas to steal. The thing is, I'm not sure how much time and money I want to invest in these. Or even what style to go with.

But here is what I've come across so far..... any suggestions???

1. jennie and jett lamp     2. whatever blog lamp   3.under the sycamore tree lamp
4. design sponge lamp     5. sisal shade lamp        6. sew dang cute lamp
7. doily covered lamp      8. button shade (no link found)


Monday, September 2, 2013

hello September

September by Kellie on Grooveshark

A perfect song, right?

It's almost favorite time of the year.
I'm not sure when it became my favorite, but it has won over my heart. I know that Fall is pretty much everyone and their mother's favorite time of year (especially with bloggers) but I'm okay with being on the bandwagon for this one.
It's the beginning of so many things.
School begins (which can be a good thing and a stressful one, but it's a fresh beginning) and it makes me think of bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils (You've Got Mail).
Football season is here!!!!! College football was this weekend (and I'm trying so hard to stay up to watch as much of the FSU game tonight as I can) and for the first time ever I got to have my own fantasy football team!
 Plus, I'm over this warm Florida weather- I can't wait for sweater wearing weather!
 Halloween is around the corner (and it's one of my favorite holidays and full of so many traditions).
And then there's Thanksgiving- the one holiday completely about food and family (and the one time of year I get to go home to Pensacola).
I'm excited for this new season to begin. I'm ready for Fall smells and decorating, Halloween chilli night and wearing my football colors!!
 I'm also pumped for Chloe to wear her cheesehead for Green Bay games!!!!!!