Sunday, November 17, 2013

brother and sister love// photo shoot

 A couple of weekends ago my very good friend, Nicole let me take photos of her adorable kidos. I had so much fun with this bunch.


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

i need your help readers!!!!!!! (photos of my sister)

 So my awesome, wonderful, beautiful sister let me take her photograph for a certain project she's working on. But here is where you come in.......
I've included some of my favorites and we'd like you to pick your favorite- which is the one she will use for her project!!! (I'll fill you in more later!)
Please list your favorite in the comment section  here (or via facebook if that's where you found this). We'd really appreciate it!!!!!!

goodbye october

October, typically my favorite month has been a whirlwind. Good and bad. But instead of focusing on the bad, I figured I'd share the awesome. 

Good things:
tons of Chloe time- she always cheers me up (except when attacking my face, haha)
lots of time with friends. especially my amazing girl friends!
family time.
photo shoots! (more to come!!)
halloween parties 
dressing up (devil and rosie the riveter)
painting furniture
 Can't wait to see what November brings. Hopefully only good.