Friday, May 29, 2009

i heart fridays

Happy Friday all! I made this cd this morning for my roommate. It's full of new music (thank you starbucks). I figured, what better way to start a fresh Friday than having new music to listen to?? She liked the idea too :)

For my daily scrapbooking, I created this playlist. Of course, I haven't gotten to scrabooking the page yet, but I thought I would share the playlist with you all. It's songs that inspire me, artists that move me, and overall my favorite music to listen to currently. (And yes some of them are familiar and have been on my blog music section for awhile...shh).
Here goes:

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This is the latest scrapbook page I have finished though. As you can see I am veryyyy behind. But I actually really like this one. Too bad the camera made too much of a glare. ( I reallyyyy need a new digital camera). But this is I guess what I would call my confession entry. The folded pieces of paper in the starbucks "holder" are some of my confessions (which of course I will not be sharing with anyone. But I kinda liked this page..... kinda. So I thought I would share.

For my art class I have to make a few mini-books (actually 5). This is the first one. I'm very unahppy about it and I am thinking about redoing it, so today I started trying to create another (and hopefully much prettier one). But alas, I do not have the correct materials and the new one isn't looking so great I'm in a bit of a bind. Here's the old one.

And here is the old and the new one..... on to more scrapbooking and perhaps dinner with Dan. Ah yes, and Sims. I have created my own person...I actually kinda like the game (gasp**Kellie likes a video game, I know...).

On another note, I am also trying to read Catch-22. I have been wanting to for years and even put it on my bucket list. I finally have gotten around to reading it and am half way done (page 264) but I admit, I haven't been able to get into it at all. But I am the type of person that HAS to finish a book. Only once have I not. So here's to hoping it gets better. Has anyone else read this and not liked it, or am I the only one????

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

memorial day loves

Long weekend= visiting with some good friends,
like this face (that I haven't seen in forever),

and this awesome friend,

and these trustee shoes (that have been hiding in my closet for wayyy too long).

Plus the sun finally came out!!! And I got to catch up on some sleep.
Now back to the stressful week. ugh. Although tonight I got to catch up with my parents over dinner and tomorrow I have plans to see my sister!! Can't wait.
<3 k

Thursday, May 21, 2009

rainy love

It has been raining non-stop here for a few days. Luckily today it slacked some and I actually got to see sunshine for about 5 minutes before it disappeared again. Usually I hate this kind of weather, but this week it's been kind of relaxing. And I was even able to finally buy a pair of rain boots!

So far I have started my Thursday off right. :)
-I was actually early to class
-Class was at the Cummer Museum today. Sadly it was cut short...
- I got my current favorite drink at Starbucks. ( Grande Iced Carmel Macchiato) YUM

Now I have about a million things to do....
-science paper
-clean bathroom
-figure out dinner for tonight
-work on art homework
-try to find time to scrapbook
-watch the season finale of Lie To Me. (an awesome show, by the way. sadly I missed the finale)
-call some friends and catch up

Can't wait for tonight! Dinner with some of my amazing friends. :)

Oh and here are a few scrapbook pages I did for March. I stole the idea and design of the word "musician" from a flickr post I saw. It was really inspiration, so I tried to mimic it for this....

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

oh tuesday

So far my day has been a hectic if not somewhat frustrating one....
I had my first summer class session this morning, which actually I'm both nervous about and really excited about. It's an art methods class for elementary ed. and a big majority of the class is learning about art and then making mini books (which is my LOVE). I'm just worried because I dislike being graded and judged on what I love, because I'm afraid that I'll get a bad grade (or anything but an A) and then have to find a new hobby.... but I guess we'll see.

Then I had yet another doctor's appointment. I am so fed up with doctor appointments, medicine, tests, and still after months not knowing what's wrong. *This was the frustrating part of the day.*

But then I got to pick up my mom's birthday cake for tomorrow and then came home to work on finishing her birthday gift. :)

Almost done!!

I also started another scrapbooking project. I haven't quite finished it...although it's an ongoing project (it's sort of to document every birthday from here on out). But the first page I finished (for my 22nd birthday) is actually my favorite scrapbooking page I've made thus far. (Don't be too critical).

And now I'm suppose to go to the Suns baseball game (as long as it doesn't get rained out, that is).

Check out this video (makes me wish my name was Victoria).... I <3 them I realllllyyyyy do!
Jukebox the Ghost

Saturday, May 9, 2009


All week I've been having nightmares. I'm not entirely sure why (although it hasn't been the best week either...) But last night's dream was one of the worst. I've had kinds like it before. They typically go like this: something traumatic in my life happens, my Dad contacts me (or I find him), I freak out because all this time I've thought he was dead, he convinces me he is not dead, he's just been MIA and he's back now and life is good.
That's when I wake up. And I have to realize I was just dreaming and my dad is not living in a foreign country or hippie town in California. He didn't just wander off and suddenly appear 7 years later. I have to yet again live through the worst and most heartbreaking day of my entire life as I come to the realization, yet again, that my dad is in fact dead.
Maybe to some this sounds stupid or makes no sense, but it's one of the worst kinds of dreams I've ever had. It's not fun having to relive the saddest day of your life over again because a stupid dream was able to successfully convince you that one of the people you loved the most is really gone forever.

So, suffice to say my day didn't start out all that wonderfully.....
(here's to hoping it gets better!)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


It may not have been the best birthday I've ever had, but it was eventful. And I'm really thankful for the people in my life and fun times had by all.
Here are some pictures from mine and Jeff's joint birthday partay!