Wednesday, December 30, 2009

'tis the season

I must admit, I had a very lovely Christmas break. It was somewhat quiet (with most of my friends being away) but I had a chance to hang out with my parents, which is always nice.
There were a few not-so-great things including being sick, having a panic attack while Christmas shopping, and some suprising conversations that I wasn't exactly prepared for; however, all in all it was a good one filled with these:

bingles...soooo good and so difficult to find. my mom and step-dad managed to find several boxes for me though. :) so yummy

my first pair of toms (thanks to my mom). they are incredibly comfy. i never want to take them off!!

And I also got a few movies....

500 days of Summer from my friend Jeff. I love this movie. Besides the fact that I have a girl crush on Zooey (yes, haha first name basis, or is it that I just can't ever spell her last name??) but her style is wonderful, Cameron (also first name basis) is a great actor and I love that it's not another chick flick!!!

I bought this one for me. :) I love the hangover---such a good movie, i laugh until i cry everytime!!
I hope yall had a wonderful Christmas (or Hanukah)!!!
Much love and Happy New Year!!!! Stay safe.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

my crazy life....

sometimes it can suck, but really, i do love it--i love my crazy, messed up, hectic life. :)

So I am finally uploading pictures of our Christmas decorations. I actually decorated majorly early this year and got out my Christmas cards super early too, but totally slacked on getting pictures of it all uploaded as well as getting all my gifts (yea still have some shopping to do tomorrow. YIKES!!!)

this is my stocking holder-- i was totally barbie obsessed!!!

My outfit for today's firm Christmas lunch. (I also wore this dress to be Audrey Hepburn for Halloween- ha!)

and i treated myself to a gingerbreak latte after some Christmas shopping after work :)

Its been soooooo windy- poor reindeer got killed. :(

Ok--so one reason i LOVE the holiday season is because I get to see my family more often, like these two beautiful girls!!! (my nieces)

And hanging out with awesome friends!

and of course i love the holiday parties (soooo many this year :) and the white elephant ones are even better!!)

I saved this pretty ornament (NOT) for ben. hahaha!

our friend lauren made this awesome hat (out of a witch's hat..... hmm a lot of reusing halloween items for this Christmas)

(nose painting!!!!) leigh's last sunday as a youth pastor was this past sunday and her youth group came up with this funny idea. so great!

My friends and I also got this box of letters (or love mail) together for Leigh as a goodbye present.

(and you can see my new tattoo. :) i love it!!!)

Only a little bit of time left before it is Christmas Eve!!! Merry Christmas everyone!!!! Hope it's wonderful!


goodbye to my bestie

Last night I had to say goodbye to my best friend and roommate for the past 4-5 years. Ususally around this time she goes home for the holidays, leaving the place to just me for a month. This time it's different and honestly, extremely sad. She's moving today. I wish I could find the words to express how sad I am about this or how much I love her or am going to miss her, but I feel not even Webster's dictionary has the words I'm looking for... there are no words.
I know it's not goodbye-goodbye, afterall I will see her next weekend and for the next several months she's only 5 hours away, but knowing she won't be in the next room when I'm sad or bored, or just really wanting best friend time sucks. Completely sucks. She's been my roommate since freshman year of college and now I feel like we are actually growing up....

It's funny, when I met her, I knew from the get go that I wanted to be her friend. I'm not exactly sure why or what made me think that, but somehow I just knew off the bat that we would be good friends. Of course, little did I know that we would become best friends our senior year of high school, move to Jacksonville together and become roommates for the next 4-5 years.
It's been awesome having my best friend so close. And we've gone through so much together that has strengthened our friendship even further. Looking back on all the heartbreak, laughs, memories, cakes, movies, pillow fights, parties, late nights, girl talks, and crying moments it's incredible to think about how much we both have grown. I am so thankful to have her in my life and as my friend and sister. I don't think I could have survived college without her!!!
I love you Leigh!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

holiday time....already??

It's hard to believe that Christmas is only days away. Merely days..... wow. How did it get here so fast??? Wasn't it just Halloween??? Like yesterday?

Christmas use to be my favorite time of year. I suppose in some ways it still is, I just get so fed up with all the shopping madness and crazies that it's hard to handle it. Plus, looking at my checking account after the holiday is always so depressing. The past few years I really just have wanted to celebrate Christmas without presents (or at least very few). It's as if consumerism has gotten the best of us and around this time of year we lose ourselves to the little shopping demons. Now don't get me wrong, I love presents, and giving, and shopping; however, I feel that this is now all Christmas has become. A mere shopping holiday.
This year, I'm trying to do things differently. Of course there will be presents, I can't escape that one- nor do I suppose I totally want to, but I want to focus on the more meaningful parts of the holiday....
This will be the last Christmas that I will get to celebrate with my bff and roomie. She leaves tomorrow. We have so many things still left to do! Mainly we have so many movies to watch.....
(this is our favorite holiday movie- it's not Christmas until it's been watched and luckily we already have this year. :) )
(this movie we hope to watch tonight)

(still have to watch this one too)
-I'm excited for family time, down time to myself, holiday food, making my family and friends happy and laugh with jokes and gifts, and of course all the Christmas holiday pretties: candy canes, starbucks, Christmas lights, our new Christmas tree!, cinnamon smells, pine tree smells, fire in the fireplace, midnight Christmas Eve service, wrapping gifts, Christmas music, the sound of bells, the cold air, firm Christmas party, holiday parties with friends.......
found at

This time of year is quite magical. I'm excited for the changes it brings.
Happy holidays everyone!!!! I hope it's the best one yet!

Ps- I promise to try and upload all my photos from the holidays thus far soooooooon. I'm horrible at this, but a new goal is to be more timely with upload photos. :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

happy birthday joe!

Happy birthday Joe!!!!
You've been such an amazing friend to me over the years. I am blessed to know you and have you in my life. I hope you have a wonderful birthday today (even if you do have to work, ick)!

And I still owe you one of these......

<3 kel

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

very pretty

I know that Christmas is the time for others and don't get me wrong, I love shopping for the ones I love. But every year it's always the same, I go out with loved ones in mind and end up only being able to find things that I would like. I hate this about myself.

However, I refuse to buy anything for me. I'll make a small Christmas list and only buy these things for myself after I've accomplished something that needs a reward.
This is at least my plan. But tell me, how can you look at all of these pretties and not fall in love and want them for yourself????

I hate how expensive these are, but they are sooo much fun!!

all of these lovlies found here.
I think I am in love..... is it bad to be in love with pretty vintage dresses and shoes???
<3 kel