Thursday, July 30, 2009

monday a few days late

Things have been crazy lately. While my life has been somewhat uneventful, I've been really sick lately. I still feel like crap, but I figured if I am feeling decent enough to drag myself out of bed to go to work, then I should make myself also write a new post.
All of these things have been looming in my head and I wanted to share them.... so here you go.

The Monday list (a few days late) of things I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE:

1. Music I cannot get enough of lately:

2. Lofts in Jax.
Not that I have ever considered living in a loft, but after seeing these beauties and taking a look around the photo galleries, I think I may be in love.
The first one:

The second one:

(the closet may be the best part!!)
*** not that I could afford either of these any time soon, but it doesn't hurt to dream.....****

3. I love living in Florida. I LOVE our beaches!!!!
East coast, west coast, north fl, south, fl....doesn't matter. They are all different and all sooo pretty.
I think there is no sunset able to match one at an FL beach....
(Jacksonville Beach)

(Pensacola Beach)
** I tried to find pictures of Los Olas (Ft. Lauderdale Beach) where I grew up, but they wewn't very decent...
But I am happy to say that I will be adding a new collection of beach pictures soon...... (can we say vacation??!!)

4. Which brings me to #4. Things I love: vacation. Beach vacation. Gettin away from everything and relaxing.
Got any guesses as to where it is I am going??
(I'm not telling until I get back). Call me supersticious, but hey that's how I roll.

5. Super cute finds. Like this wallet.

I saw it while shopping at this cute little store in 5 points. And then found it online.

Have a great rest of your week and weekend!!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

totally obssessed

I can not get enough of this show. Too bad it only lasted 2 seasons....
And I absolutely LOVE the theme song. Hear it here.
--tried to upload the video right onto my blog page, but i am technologically challenged and don't know how....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

all things mini

Mini books that is!!!!

I worked on a few more pages from the music and journaling class that I took last week, taught by Ms. Kara.

1234 by Fiest

Don't Stop by Fleetwood MAc

I also finished my mini book with my notes from reading Searching For God Knows What. Here are some of the pages (most of them were just notebook paper filled with notes and quotes).

(God tells us who we are)
(Because a person could read the feel that they are not alone, that somebody understands them and loves them enough to speak to them)

(To some scale we have all felt betrayed, but imagine how God felt after the Fall)
(God doesn't believe one country is better than any other- why should we?)

(Ditch the lifeboat)

(To exchange heaven for a place, and to exchange eternity for time, was an act of humility I don't think any of us can understand)

(The circus)
(Our job is not to judge them but to love them)
(Love creates rules and forgives when they are broken)
([Church] obsessed with popular culture?)

Enjoy! :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

so good

So many great things about this weekend and the beginning of this week!
Here goes, my list of 5. 5 things I love, am excited for, can't wait to share!!:

1. Weekend visitors! (I had 2 friends visit me over the course of my long weekend!) So much fun! I only wish I had had more time with them.

2. Shopping adventures with Kim.
I went to 2 of my favorite stores and bought more than I should've, but they were soooo pretty.
I got this dress from Forever 21. Only I got it in a light gray color....sooo pretty.

And this flower ring from Anomaly. (Love this store):

3. I took Friday off from work. I love personal days. I got to edit pictures, read magazines, catch up on my novel reading, hang out with dear friends, some personal appointments, and most importantly didn't have to dread going into the office!!!!

4. Are You Afraid Of the Dark marathon last night with friends. Yes, we may be dorks, but you haven't had a good laugh until you relive your childhood television shows. :)

5. Roommate night tonight. My bestie will be leaving me for about a month to go on some wonderful adventures. I tried to convince her to pack me in her suitcase and bring me, but she wasn't too keen on the idea. Oh well, I tried.

But I am going to miss this face:

Friday, July 17, 2009


I finally developed and edited the pictures from our photoshoot 2 weeks ago.