Sunday, March 31, 2013

A-Z // a is for....

Last week I found an awesome blog feature, A-Z of me, (which I posted about here).
I've been contemplating how to make it my own and since I have (and I finally took a break from reading) I decided to start it!
Wanna join??? If so, I'd love it if you would link your posts in the comment section so I can follow along with your lists!! And of course feel free to make this your own, since I did the same (and cannot take the credit for the feature).

A is for .....animals. 
 (I almost feel like I'm beginning a kid's story here...)

I'm a sucker for animals....well most animals. There are honestly a bunch of animals that freak me out, scare the hell out of me, or I'm honestly just not a fan of. However, most animals I'm found of. Especially dogs. Dogs are honestly the best. (And this isn't under "D" because I have something better for that letter....).

So I'm an animal fan.
I eat meat though.
But I don't like the thought of fur clothing.
(Three quick facts for you). You're welcome.

To get back on track though, although dogs are definitely on the top of my list, I really do love animals. There's just something about them that makes them seem so innocent and sweet. And I love how they care for their own (and sometimes other animals).

Maybe it's all because I've grown up around having pets. I've had 5 dogs (including my puppy Chloe!) fish, and I even had a crab.... it was an interesting experience. There was also a time when I had a kitten for a day (but then had to let my sister have her...another story for later). But I think dogs have softened my heart for animals. They are just so wonderful in so many ways- they are so loyal and loving and my favorite is that even if you were gone for 5 minutes, when you return home they are overwhelmingly excited to see you.
I'm honestly so grateful for my parents for raising me with dogs. I've learned how to be more responsible and gosh I just have so much love for them because of it.

The first dog I ever had was Buttons-  Red Buttons Stapleton to be exact. Amazing standard red haired doxie. She was my parents "first child". She was several years old when I came around and she was as sweet as could be. She would wake up with my mom for 2am feedings, sit with me and my mom while my mom fed and read to me, and she would even jump up on my crib to peek through and check on me. She never snapped at me, even when I pulled her tail, which was a lot. ( I was an ass of a kid). (If only I had pictures of her on my computer....)

Then there was Coco- Melissa Coco. My parents surprised me on my 9th birthday and took me to the pound to pick out my own puppy. I'm pretty sure I held them all, but I fell in love with Coco, and since we were the first family to choose, we always called Coco the pick of the liter. As a puppy she was awful. Granted she didn't chew on things, or mess up things and she was potty trained in 3 days (with Buttons' help). However she bit....a lot. But eventually she grew up and she was the most loyal (and skittish dog). But she was my puppy and I loved her. The day she died was one of the worst of my life. Maybe that sounds silly if you're not a dog person (or even if you are) but she was such a good dog and such a big part of my life. She even defended me against other dogs when threatened. I miss her still.

And then there's Au'bre Star Stapleton (and yes, her initials are A.S.S.)- not planned but funny nonetheless. She's been a pistol since we got her, which was again my doing. One Thanksgiving while home in Pensacola visiting family my best friend Michael and I went into the pet store at the mall. Bad idea- I've never left one of those not begging for a puppy. But Au'bre pulled out all the tricks she had and I fell in love with her. When my mom met the mini doxie, she fell in love to. So after a night of making our famous pro-con list, we decided to go for it.  While she has always been a sweetheart to people, she hates being around other dogs. Most of the time she just ignores them, but when they come into her territory she gets all..... "doxie". She tried to fight Coco (who was 3x's her size) constantly and poor Coco always gave in. Au'bre also ate everything! One year after my mom and I had gone Christmas shopping, she greeted us at the door with the Christmas tree lights in her mouth. She's currently 10 years old and 25 pounds (thanks to her steroids.... she's got a year long list of health issues).

And of course the newest addition to our family is Chloe Chomps.  Chomps because she bites all the freaking time and also as an inside joke between Steven and I. I feel like I've already talked about her to death on this blog, so I'll spare yall that. However, I will say that I am so lucky to have her. Even though she is still a puppy and has though "wonderful" tendencies she's made us so happy. And she makes this family feel complete.

There have also been countless dogs, cats, fish and other such animals that I've cared for over the years (either at work, home, or pet sat for). I love that each one has had it's own personality and has never deterred my love for animals.


Thursday, March 28, 2013

link love

These have become some of my favorite posts, as silly as that may sound. But I love finding such great things online and sharing them (and storing them where I can go back again and again) has been fun.
Anyway, this time's roundup of awesome links you have to visit:

First of all, one of the sweetest most beautiful ladies I know got married this past weekend to her best friend and the man of her dreams. Her photographer posted pictures and they are absolutely stunning. You can check them out here for yourself!! (Above picture of Steven and I from the wedding!)

10 creative things to do with cans.

50 creative things to do with old dishes.

Amazing craft ideas. My favorite is definitely the bookcase for shoes!!

21 pictures that will restore your faith in humanity. Very touching.

Dog shame pictures. Totally adorable and I really need to add Chloe in!!

I'm totally sad that The Walking Dead is about to end for the season, BUT I'm extremely happy that Mad Men is coming back soon!!!

I love, love, love NYC. So suffice to say I'm in love with these vintage NYC photos.

The ultimate cooking guide. Measuring equivalents, grilling temperatures, and a million more amazing tips.

An amazing blog feature. A-Z of me. I'm definitely going to try this!

Life lessons from a 90 year old. A lot of them are things we hear all the time, but it's still a great list!

An amazing list of Starbucks drinks that aren't on the menu. If this is a true list, I'm seriously in heaven right now!!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

spring break

Spring break is finally here!!! While I'm a little sad not to be going to work tomorrow to see my students, I am grateful for the break to recharge. With that being said, I (as always) have a list of things to do. Of course this go around, most of them are fun. So my Spring Break to do list:

Take Chloe to the dog park
read lots of Gone With the Wind (I've really gotten into it and I can't believe I've never read it before)
get crafty
go thrift store shopping (maybe to further help my crafty time) 
hang out by the pool
sleep in some
lunch date with my mom
hang out with good friends
update some things on the blog
take some pictures
take Chloe to the vet to get meds
take Chloe to get trimmed
get all my bills out of the way
cook dinner every free night we're home
exercise...and hopefully go to my friend's gym to try a new class


Monday, March 18, 2013

thoughts on the 365 project

 I've been trying really hard to take pictures every single day. My goal in the beginning was to somehow get a picture of me everyday. A different angle, pose, or even just parts of me (feet, hair, etc). The first 2 months were pretty easy. It was always in the back of my mind to do it and I felt like 
I could really do it this year.
Then, I seemed to get busy and forget or I couldn't think of a picture to take that didn't look like the million I already had taken. Then I simply got bored. I tried to change things up and even add photos that didn't have me directly (or indirectly) in them but somehow captured something from my day. That probably helped this project continue on for some more time, but here I am, mid-March and its already fizzled out.
 So far this year's 365 project has lasted shorter than last. And yes I know I have been incredibly busy and it hasn't been the most important thing on my mind so I've let it slip, but it was a goal I so badly wanted to try and finish. I feel like there are so many goals (especially in blog land) that I start but am never able to completely finish. And I hate seeming like I half ass things.
So I'm not entirely sure where to go from here or what I even want to do from here about this project. Part of me wants to pick it back up and the other part of me feels I've waited too long and should just try again another time. But while I do the pros and cons (which I have to do for every situation....or rock paper scissors) at least I have some cute photos from the beginning of this year, including Chloe growing. 

Has anyone else had this experience with the 365 project? And if so, what was your end approach?


Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Thinking about: Soooo many things. Work mostly. FCAT is coming up and I'm stressing out about what I have left to do with the kids and how far some of them still need to go. I'm also thinking about what I need to make for dinner (but instead I'm online, ha). And ideas for a quick and easy dinner?????

Reading: Gone With the Wind. My friend asked me to join her bookclub and currently that's what they're reading. As much as I love the movie, I've never read the book, so I'm pretty excited.

Listening to: I was listening to my bestie's voice on the phone. I haven't talked to her in forever, so it was sooo nice to catch up. I miss her tons.

Looking forward to: First off, Spring Break!!! In a week and a half I'll have an entire week off to sleep in, read, and go to the pool. I cannot wait. I'm also looking forward to FCAT being over!!!! (And hopefully getting good scores for the kids). Plus I'm trying to make some summer trips (without breaking the bank) and one of them includes visiting Leigh!!!!

Watching: Different World. I use to watch this show all the time, so when I saw it was on I had to watch.

Making me happy: Chloe- even though she bites like crazy and has more energy than I've ever seen. Steven- a wonderful boyfriend who I'm so lucky to have. My girlfriends- who inspire me and love me and who I have so much fun with. And of course my family, especially my mom- who love me more than I deserve. I'm one lucky girl.


Post idea from danielle's blog.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

a lovely weekend and my 1st put putting experience

 Great weekend (so far) even if my allergies are starting to bother the crap out of me again. Now I'm just crossing my fingers (and praying) for a good week. FCAT is closing in and that only ups the stress level right now.
 Love this guy. He took me on a great date yesterday, which included my first put putting adventure. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

beginning of wedding season

This past weekend Steven and I traveled down to his hometown for his good friend's wedding. The couple, Sarah and Ryan are one of my favorite couples ever. They have so much energy and life. They are incredibly fun to be with and together they balance each other so well.
The wedding was nothing short of gorgeous and fun (even if it was cold....seriously Florida, what the hell??).
It was so nice to get away and spend time with friends and Steven's family. And it really got me excited for wedding season!! (Which may have been the reason why I quoted Wedding Crashers a zillion times...oops).

Until next time,