Monday, October 31, 2011

trick or treat

Happy Halloween! Hope yall get some great treats (and tricks) today!
And here are some photos to help get you in the halloween mood (in case you aren't already).

(all photos found on pinterest)


Sunday, October 30, 2011

52 lists in 52 weeks// week 22

Happy Sunday (and almost Halloween)! In honor of the spook-tacular holiday, I figured I'd theme today's list to fit. I also decided to make two. Hope you include your take on these lists as well!!!!

week 22, list 1: Things I love about Halloween (or if you prefer, things I love about Fall).
- pumpkins galore. i'm not sure what it is, but i love, love, love pumpkins, and a whole holiday around buying, carving, and decorating them is just awesome to me

- dressing up. a day where you can be someone else

- scary movies. a new thing for me, since i use to hate them with a passion. but steven has gotten me more into them and i love the scary-movie thons we've been having lately!

- decorating. i guess its the teacher in me, but i love decorating for ANY holiday. halloween too of course, especially because it's the first holiday of the fall season and includes pumpkins!!!

- with it comes cooler weather.

- seeing the cute kidos that trick-or-treat in the most precious costumes. seriously adorable.

-the songs...come on...thriller, monster mash. yes please

- the candy. (the best for last). i could eat it all myself. but thanks goodness i havent...yet ha

week 22, List 2: my halloween movies to watch:

- hocus pocus (number one on here for a reason!!)
- halloweetntown
- the messengers
- double, double, toil and trouble (yea, i admit it)
- the strangers
-halloween (all 20 of them, lol)
- jennifer's body (kinda funny....and weird)
- harpers island (a mini tv series, and super good!!)

Steven's picks:
- halloween
- the hitcher
-nightmare on elm street
-friday the 13th
- silent hill
- the hills have eyes
- the omen
- black christmas
- the saw movies
- hostel
- the fog
- the mist
- the thing

Your turn!!
happy halloween!

Friday, October 28, 2011

one crazy week

While my blog may have been quiet this past week, my life certainly has not been. So here's the story) and don't worry, it comes with photos.

Since Halloween is coming up, Steven and I decided to get a jumpstart on our fall traditions.

We went to the pumpkin patch (conveniently located across the street)

We also had our annual "fright night", consisting of scary movies in a row with some homemade chilli, by yours truly. Although this year, I also decided (thank you pinterest) to add some scary treats to the mix too!

(one downer: I was kinda sick. boo colds)

They didn't turn out as well as I would've liked, but at least I worked out the kinks before Halloween!

And of course there was also pumpkin carving!

I really wanted to make my pumpkin all by myself this year (since last year I had no clue what I was doing at Steven had to come to my was my first time carving afterall). Thank you pinterest and for the help on the outlines!

And of course, we cooked some pumpkin seeds!

Saturday since I felt better Steven and I had a date day. I tried really hard to keep everything we were doing a surprise, but when you have 2 bikes in the back of your car, it's hard to not know what's going on..... oh well. We biked, had a picnic, and played paddle ball in the park. All in all an awesome morning/afternoon with my love.

and in case you are wondering why I'm looking funny....I wanted to make sure the light was still red.

Saturday night my girlfriend Jenn and I went shopping. And I may or may not have tried on this giant sock monkey onsie for adults. But it's not like I walked around the store in it....oh wait...I did. haha

Sunday, the wonderful boyfriend came home from work at lunch and surprised me by taking me to Cracker Barrel. I'm seriously in love with their home-cooking style food, but hey, who isn't??

And Monday night was the Jaguar home game versus the Ravens.

*we won*

The down side to Monday night was a lost my phone in a porta-potty. Before you get too grossed out, let me explain.... It only fell on the floor, which yes is nasty enough.

Then, some girl took my phone. I seriously thought I'd die when I realized not only was it gone, but she could get a hold of all my personal info from it! YIKES! Luckily, there are decent people out there, and her boyfriend returned the phone the next day. And my amazing boyfriend went to pick it up. *whew*

This week also had some more down sides though.....

-My step-dad had to go to the hospital for tests and has been there all week. Happily, he gets to go home today, but his tests weren't all that great. If you have made it this far in my post, please keep him in your prayers.

- I've had a lot of long nights and I'm ready for a quiet weekend.

Last night though, I got some down time with some of my favorite girl friends. We ordered pizza and made some halloween crafts for our party coming up!!

So there's my crazy week. Now it's time to take a definite breather!

oh and TGIF!!!!!



fashion friday/// week 11

More fashion favorites, whose styles make your heart stop....

Blogger: kryzuy
I'm not even sure if words could express how much I love this blogger's stlye. So I'll just give you one word: perfect.

Blogger: the magpie girl
This gal knows how to pull off anything. Seriously, she can make any outfit go together perfectly (which I'm extremely jealous of, btw).

Well, there's my friday style list. TGIF loves!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

inspiration thursday (pumpkin time)

This past weekend Steven and I carved and decorated our pumpkins. (One of the several Halloween traditions we started last year). Of course, as soon as we started talking about what to do with our pumpkins this year, I hopped onto pinterest to find some inspiration. Although, I ended up carving from a template (also found on pinterest) I saved all of these pretty pumpkin photos for inspiration.
After looking through them a million times, I figured I should use "inspiration thursday" to share some of my favorites.
Who knows, maybe with the weekend left, I'll try to decorate some more.....oh and photos of finished pumpkins from this year to come!

All images found on pinterest (where you can also find the original postings).

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