Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday wishes

This week I would absolutely LOOOOOVE: of these dresses

2. a vacation....maybe to portland?
where else would you suggest for a short-ish trip with the boy in spring???

3. that class stuff gets worked out.
tomorrow i find out when i can register for my very last class. i'm nervous, because i'm afraid of not getting it (again), which would completely suck. i just want to graduate already and be apart of the profession i've been dreaming of doing!

4. more sleep.
a client even pointed out the bags under my eyes...thanks man. :(
5. to get my butt back into the gym.
i feel crappy and i now working out would help SO much, i just need to get motivated and do it!!
What are your wishes this Wednesday??
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You should jump on board and make your own Wednesday Wishes post too!! :) Just leave a link in the comment section so that we can all read.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

fact tuesday

Just some random tidbits about me:

-i'm ocd about how my dishwasher is filled. no joke -everything has its place and it drives me crazy when the cups are on the wrong side.

-my mom and i went to paris, france when i was about 9 and while there some gypsies tried to buy me

- i loathe salt. i take it off of fries and pretzels.

- i sometimes wake myself up laughing or crying in my sleep.

- i took 3 years of ASL (american sign language) in high school

- i played the flute in middle school (only because my sister did when she was in high school) but my lungs couldnt take it, so i had to sadly switch to percussion

yea...i've def got my quirks. haha!
what are some of yours??


ps. dont forget that you can ask me anything (anonymously) in the little section in the side bar--and i'll answer them in my fact tuesday posts :)

pps. this is the last week of lent-- and I'm so proud of myself! I actually went the entire 40+ days without shopping!!!!!! maybe i should buy a dress to celebrate?? ...haha just kidding, i'll wait till my bday, only a month away :)


Dear Tuesday,
I really, really don’t like you today. I know that you’re not the cause for my foul mood today, but you haven’t helped me in any way get out of it. Why do you have to be so early in the week? I’m just glad you’re not Monday- Monday is a complete jerk!

Dear bed,
I miss you a lot right now. I’m sorry that I haven’t been spending a lot of time with you, it’s not you though, it’s me. Well, my schedule anyway- it’s been keeping me from you. :( I’ll have a talk with my schedule about it soon, I promise.
-missing you like crazy,

Dear schedule,
You’re killing me. And my bed is getting jealous...I’d watch your back....

Monday, March 29, 2010

5 loves on monday

5 things that are making me smile right now......

with these prizes:

pssst...the deadline to enter is only a day or so away- so go sign up to win now!!!

2. minibooks, like these:





3. roller derby.

i went to my very first game this past weekend. it was AWESOME. maybe it's silly, but i really, really want to join now! :)

4. keys and key necklaces.

just too pretty! found here

5. pearl necklaces.

so classy and perfect.
Hope you're having a great Monday!!!
much love,

Friday, March 26, 2010

i looooove fridays

I think Fridays may be my all time favorite day.

Why I love fridays:

1-my boss brings us these wonderful sandwiches!

(which always comes in handy when I've forgotten my breakfast -which happens a lot!)

2-I get to stay up late and sleep in! (the only night I get to do this now since I work on Sundays too.

3-I haven't slept the day away, an awesome feeling, and I also get more done

4- I have 2 more days of weekend (well 1 now...but still awesome)

5-I can be lazy that night and blame it on a hard day at work

6-I have time to do the things for Sunday that I know won't get done tomorrow


Yay for Fridays! :)

I also want to make another *feature* day. **FILM FRIDAY**

I LOVE movies- seriously, if I could spend an entire day watching them, I would (while also mutli-tasking since I'm too add to sit still sometimes).
This past week being sick made me able to watch a bunch! One that I saw was: In the Loop. Anyone seen it? It was pretty good in my opinion. :)

So I was thinking.... making FILM FRIDAY I wanna share my movie favorites and also get your opinions too! What movies do you love? hate? never ever ever want to hear about again??
I am a huge netflix gal and I'm actually running outta films on my queue--soooooo any movie recommendations??????


Thursday, March 25, 2010

blog help?!?!?

So as you may have noticed, all of my pictures, links, etc are on the bottom of my blog page...anyone know why and how I can fix it???
Please help! I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to computers, the internet, and codes!!!


true blue inspiration

just a little *blue* eye candy to pretty up your Thursday!!

(all photos from

love, kels

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

wednesday wishes

This week I only have one wish......
to feel better!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup, I'm sick again, with the same thing bug that got me less than 2 weeks ago. :(

Not trying to be all emo- I'm just sick of being sick. I want to eat regular food! And not have to sleep all day.

What are you wishing for this week??

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

fact tuesday (v.11)

New fact about me.... I've started modeling. Nothing big--just with local photographers and other local models. But it's fun and come on, what girl doesn'tlike to get all dolled up?? :)

found here. what do you think.
By the way, these are really the only pictures I have of my new hair cut... :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

5 loves on monday (v.11)

My 5 loves of the week. :)

1. reading (i can never get enough reading in). im in love with books. i even love how they smell!
righ now i am reading:

i have a million more books i want to read and am going to read soon with my book club. heres some on the list:

2. this picture. (oh so true!)

3. keds. i use to hate 'em, but i want some in like every color now. maybe its the teacher in me??? :)

4. cinnamon. i could put it on everything. i love how it smells and tastes that much

5. celebrities i'm crushin' on.
ok, yes like every other girl after 500 days of summer came out, i have a crush on joseph gordon levitt. how could you not.....?

i also love,love,loveeeee sarah jessica parker's style. lol so i guess she's more of a style crush.

What are some things you are loving right now??

Hope yall are having an awesome and warm Monday!

much love,