Friday, January 29, 2010

one of those days...

Today started out crappy, really, really crappy.
Maybe I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Maybe it was because I was late to work, or maybe it was the horribel traffic that delayed me an extra half an hour...... Or maybe it was getting chewed out a bit at work, or feeling secondbest to a friend or two. In acutality, it was a combination of all of these I'm sure.
I hate these moods, the ones where you are so sad and you just can't get out of it. But luckily with some mom time, coffee, and some food I was okay again. Which I am thankful for. Yesterday was so incredible and I really didn't want it ruined. I wanted to stay in that estatically happy mood for as long as humanly possible! Thankfully for me I have a great support system and they always help me out (whether I have to call them all in or just a few), they always know how to help. :)

So after my lunch I surfed the internet a little bit for some inspiration to keep me going.;;,; all helped. Thank you!!!!!
(all pictures from
How are you feeling this Friday afternoon??
What inspires you when you're down and feeling uncreative?

Please share! I would love to know! :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

guilty pleasure Wednesday (v.3)

**Sick days**

When I was younger (middle school mostly) I absolutely despised going to school. No joke, I would worry about going and freak out about going so much, I'd make myself sick (or have a panic attack). I think it was mainly all the changes going on in my life, my parents getting divorced, my mom and I having to move out of the house I grew up in, and my aunt not being well. Looking back on it now, I feel like such a jerk for putting my mom through so much, but at the time all I could think about was how much i did not, could not, make myself go to school. I am not proud of it now, but at the time I would try to get out of it any way possible, and let'sjust say Ferris Buller was my hero. However, my mom rarely ever let me get away with it. When she did let me stay home sick, I indulged myself in some quality time with my tv set.

It's funny, because even now when I see these shows on, I remember watching them when "sick" or actually sick. In fact, when I'm home sick these days, I find myself looking for them on tv to watch. So I guess these shows are what you would call my sick day guilty pleasures.....

Do you have a sick day guilty pleasure?? Share with us in the comment section if so!!


winding down

I can't believe that January 2010 is almost over. Lately months have been passing by at an incredible speed....

and some of it made me feel like this:

this month i've had a lot of changes going on. a lot
- old roomie left :(
-another bff moved away for good. :(
-new roomie moved in (a boy!!! gasp, i've never ever lived with a boy before)
- got a 2nd job
-got a raise from my other job
- found and and found some amazing dresses!!!! (yes a slight
- made and so far have kept my blogging goals
- made wednesdays a permanent play date day with my sisters and her kids :)
- the boy came back into my life
- made new friends
-made the decision to take this semester off from school

And of course made all these memories..... *sigh**

(my first day at the 2nd job!!! the dress is from modcloth!!)

while i'm a little sad not to be interning or teaching right now, i still think that taking this break was much, much, much needed. because of the break, i am now able to have time for the 2nd job (something i could NOT have done if i was still in school). it's true, when one door closes, another one opens. :)

and of course, i also get more time with these girls!!
(my sister and oldest niece)!!!!

So that's so far my january.

How has yours been thus far?!?!?

love always,

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

fact tuesday (v.3)

Random fact (as promised)

...... I love......

...can you tell yet?......

...the number 5!!!!
Ok, so maybe it sounds kinda silly, but I have a bit of an obsession with 5. It's always been my favorite number. Perhaps it is because my birthday is May 5th, but the # 5 and I go together like peas and carrots.

*when i was 5 i realized i wanted to be a teacher
*i was born on my uncle's birthday (may 5), which was awesome, because he had died only a few
years before and so the once sad day for my family was turned into a happy day again once i
was born. :)
*5 loves on monday (coincidence? i think not)
*i got my current car after graduation, so it's an 05


*im not so ocd that i do everything in 5s. touching the door knob 5 times before i leave? no thanks, ill leave that quirk to jack nicholson.
*in regards to kids (if i ever have any) 5 is wayyyyy too many.

it's a good #. :)

Do you have a favorite number? If so, please share!! :)


Monday, January 25, 2010

5 loves on monday (v.3)

Happy Monday blogger friends! :)

So, to brighten up another Monday (cause if I'm going to be honest, I have to admit, Mondays are the days I dread the absolute most!) So hopefully, these brighten your day up to!

5 things I'm am completely in love with right now......

1. blog give-aways! especially from this blog (nerd nest). I love their blog (and their etsy store). I already entered, so now you should!!! The contest winner will be announced Jan. 30th!! So hurry.

find nerd nest's blog here.

2. football!!
yes i know it's the end of the season, but the superbowl is oooooohhhh so close and last night's game with the Saints and Vikings was incredible. i can't wait for Feb 2nd!!!

3. my first tattoo
it's kinda small, so it's hard to see it (and the 2nd pic is blurry...sorry!!) but it says "deuteronomy 31:6" and is written around the trinity knot. it took me about a year to finally get it, i had to make sure and to get exactly what i wanted (since at the time i thought this would be the only one i'd ever have). the meaning behind it is what makes it so important and special to me. :)

4. Louis Vuitton
ok, so i don't own any real ones (i'm a poor college kid, remember?!) but i love the classic style...

5. yellow doors.
there's a house in riverside with a yellow door and i'm in loveeeee with it.
sooo pretty.

Well, another Monday, another list of my favorites.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

i miss you....

Today I am really missing East Europe. I think it's because of the weather here today (very dark, damp, and cold). It's funny because I haven't thought about my study abroad trip in a while, but today I wish I were back there with those friends.

<-----and yes creepy tour guide from hell, i even miss you!
(all photos taken by my friend Matt- aren't they amazing?!?)
to my bloging friends, i love you more than europe! ;)
<3 kel

What are you missing??

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

guilty pleasure Wednesday (v.2)

Another Wednesday, another secret devulged.....

So I know that in introducing this idea I mentioned that I still listened to the Spice Girls, well I've got an even bigger secret than that.....I still watch (and yes that means own) their movie, Spice World.

I think the main reason is that it reminds me of childhood when I lived life in this bubble. Life seemed perfect then. In 1997, I got to travel to England to see my aunt and uncle (for a month!!!) I was in elementary school, I had wonderful friends, I knew nothing about the seriousness of life yet, and my parents still seemed blissfully happy. Listening to their music and watching their movie has gotten me some weird faces and I have even been the butt of jokes for it (because apparently listening to the Spice Girls and still liking them means you have bad taste....?). I don't care though. You can knock it all you want, while I don't think any of us can agree that they are wonderful musicians, I think all that matters is how the music makes you feel. And this music makes me feel happy, truly, wonderfully happy, like when I was a kid first being introduced to these short-skirt wearing Brits. :)

Any one else a Spice Girl fan?!?!? hehe :)
as always,
mucho love to you!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

fact tuesday (v.2)

FACT: I love songs that have clapping in them. Not sure why, but it never fails.....
Here are some awesome songs (with clapping in them of course!!) Enjoy :)

*****( I tried to copy the playlist to put it directly on here, but couldn't..... which is weird, cause I have one on the side bar over there ---> can anyone help me?? I'm technologically challenged (again)). *****

Thanks and much love,

5 loves on monday (v.2)

...and a day late. :(
Yesterday I had the day off from work, so I made it a lazy day, catching up on watching Dexter and making crafts for Style School. Please forgive me......

And now, the much delayed list...


1. milkshakes
my favorite is typically chocolate (depending on the place). my fave. places for the best (in my opinion) shakes are :steak & shake, the loop, and jacks (in s. FL). yummmmmmm
2. sleep (and sleeping in)
i love my bed and i tend to sleep with a million pillows. it's perfect for sleeping in days on the weekend (not that i get many anymore)....but i did yesterday!!! :)

3. Grace Kelly
I think she was absolutely beautiful (as if anyone could deny that). Plus she was an incredible actress turned princess (talk about a real life fairy tale). Her style was amazing- she's one of my style icons. :)

4. white christmas lights.
i am actually still using mine. i took them out of the garland that i used to decorate with for Christmas and just have them by themselves on my fireplace. i find them pretty, romantic, and perfect!

5. Owls!!!
I'm not sure why, but I love them! I find myself favoriting them on,,,, everywhere. I just love them!
found at

found on

hope you enjoyed!!!
Have a wonderful week all!!!
lovez, kelz

Friday, January 15, 2010

Shopoholic , i am

Hi, my name is Kellie and I am a shopoholic.

I haven't always been like this, I use to loathe shopping. No joke. After about 1-2 hours I could always be found at the only chair in the store, or in a corner, bored to tears and about ready to pull my own hair out. Sad I know......
But those dark days of pulling hair are quite gone and now I am even more like my mother. (Yes the saying is true, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree). Now, at the age of 22 I am obsessed with shopping. I love fashion and clothes and even online browsing. I'm hooked. I even joined Style School (By Miss Elsie and Leigh-Ann).

However, there are a few items I've had on my list for awhile, but can't seem to find (or I can't seem to find the money to buy

- like a pencil skirt.
They are so 60's to me, and I LOVE that!

I also have an obession with cute and colorful tights.
The majority I found that I am in love with is over at; however, they're rather expensive. I also found some at forever 21 and urban outfitters (way back when). I really want to own more of these. They are just too pretty!

found at

found at

found on Elsie's flickr.

--skinny jeans!
I never use to be a fan of these. I blame it on being so tall. Since middle school I've felt like I was a giant compared to others (including my gorgeous girl friends and the boys I liked). I never wanted to make my height more obvious, so I tried to hide it if at all possible. To me, skinny jeans made my legs look longer and my feet bigger (another thing a size 9 girl tries to avoid, well back then....). But now, I'm trying to embrace my tall and big footed self. God made me this way and I should try to love it. So skinny jeans, here I come!!!! :)

What are your fashion obsessions??
And where have you (if you have, that is) found some awesome pencil skirts, tights, or skinny jeans?? I really, really, wanna know!!!