Tuesday, August 30, 2011

tuesday song love (bulletproof)

Ok, so it was once very overplayed. But I sill love this song!

Monday, August 29, 2011

52 lists in 52 weeks// week 13

List of the week:
Things I love about my job.
(whether your job is a teacher, lawyer, mother, daughter, sister, student, etc......)

My lists (yes...lists):

Things I love about Forever 21:
the music they play
the clothes I get to sell
some of the awesome co-workers I have
a discount (even though it's not too much)
the fashion inspiration I get from working there
the shorter hours
that I get paid to do something that's kinda fun for me

Things I love about working at a local private school:
my co-workers
the kidos I get to spend my days with
the hours
waking up late
spending mornings with little ones (pre-k) and the afternoons with the big ones (4-6th)
the school
the possibilities that could come with it (possible awesome teaching job)
the pay
the actual work

What's on your list(s)???
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Sunday, August 28, 2011

sunday weekly list

Long weekend of driving, catching up with old friends in my old hometown, graduation events (for friends), and catching up on sleep have delayed Sunday's usual 52 weeks of list for this week. It will be up tomorrow (just so yall don't think I've forgotten).

If you want to do a Sunday list for the feature (or if you have an idea for a list you want to share) please email me on kellz0505@gmail.com!!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

fashion friday/// week 4

Blogger 1: The fancy teacup
I love this lady's style. It's so simple and sometimes casual, but it always looks amazing. And that yellow skirt.....awesome!
Some of my favorite outfits of hers:

Blogger 2: kristine machine
I love this blogger's high-waisted styles probably the most, but anything she wears just always looks perfect and leaves me wishing I could shop in her closet!
Some of my favorite looks of hers:


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

10 years ago today

Was the worst day of my entire life. No other horrible day has come even close. Sometimes I wish that memory would simply fade from my mind, but at the same time it has helped shape me. To be honest though, if I could change any event in my life, I would change what happened that day (not that I could).
Sometimes I feel like I talk about my dad's death so much it's like a broken record. The last thing I want to do is annoy people or even sound like a major debbie-downer. But it's so hard to pretend like this day is the same as any other day of the year. Even Father's Day and his birthday have been difficult, but over the years I have tried to turn those days into happy ones, where I can celebrate his memory and how wonderful of a person and father he was. The day of his death though is another story....I can't "celebrate" anything. Yes I am glad he's in a better place, but the selfish part of me is angry and deeply sad that he's no longer here. He's missed out on so much on my life, that I know he would've wanted to be a part of.

I'm thinking about you today. Honestly, I think about you everyday. I miss you more than I could put into words. While the pain that filled my heart when you left is for the most part gone, there is now a different kind of a pain. A pain of knowing that you aren't here. You haven't see the last 10 years of my life, my first love, my prom, my college years, my first job, my graduation from high school and college.... And all that is to come you won't get to be a part of either. I hate that. But, I am so glad that I had 14 years with you. You were the best father a girl could ever ask for and I miss you like crazy. Thank you for always putting me first and loving me. I am incredibly thankful for those 14 years.
With all of my love,
your Kellie

Monday, August 22, 2011

5 loves on monday

Another Monday...another awesome Monday. Today I started my new(est) job at a local private school (yay for a foot in the door!)
That being said, I have so many things I'm loving right now...so here goes my weekly list!

1. twix caramel brownies. yum. found here

2. this oh-so-true photo, found here

3. this recipe for banana split bites..... found here

4. this beautiful photo...just another reason I want to visit Greece, found here

5. an AWESOME site where you can swap almost anything.... homemade craft time anyone?
My blog pal Court has talked about this site and I can't wait to try it myself.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

52 lists in 52 weeks// week 12 (and discount journals)!!

Happy weekend all! As I mentioned last week, I am super excited for this week's list because it is a little different than the usual lists.... It comes with an interview AND a review from the awesome lady that is bringing us our list this week.

Katie, from Making This Home blog and Gadanke shop
has been creating these lovely journals for some time and I have to admit, I have been in love with them since I first laid eyes on them. They are incredibly lovely and now that I am a proud owner of one (the She Journal, which is where our list for today comes from) I have to say, I'm even more in love. Her adorable journals have the most unique and awesome sheets to doodle and journal on. Plus, when you run out of pages to share, she has an expansion pack to buy so you can journal even more. I honestly can't say enough how awesome her journals are. I've thoroughly enjoyed using mine.

And now, the interview with Katie!!!

Q: What got you started in making these awesome journals?

A: A couple of years ago, NPR's StoryCorp was in town. It was also my grandma's 90th

birthday. The two of us decided to hop into the recording studio to capture some pieces of her story. I had all sorts of prompts to help her with her story telling. (I was always the listener, the one who asked question after question.) The only problem?

My grandma couldn't remember. Too much time had passed.

Later, my dad turned to me and said, "Katie, I need you to write down your story." I knew he wished he had his mom's stories. So I started writing.

I started wondering about all of the other women who have stories deep inside of them, and I started thinking about how my tendency to just listen and ask could help put those stories onto paper. Gadanke was born with fabulous writing prompts and recycled papers. I feel so lucky to be living my dream.

Q: How did you come up with the name Gadanke?

A: I was living in Berlin, Germany at the time. The name comes from the German word, Gedanke. It means thought, idea, or mind.

I have a teensy problem in German. Despite hours of studying the language, I still trip up. It's like I'm saying “ball” or “bull” when I'm really trying to say “bowl”. We'll be sitting in a restaurant wit
h a group of Germans, and I'll look at the waitress and announce, “I'd like a ball of soup, please.”

Luckily, Gadanke has a big “thank you” in it. (Danke means thank you.) There's so much to be thankful for in life, and I want us to remember that everyday.

Q: What is your favorite color?

A: Green. I think it's because winter is so looooong here in the Rocky Mountains (and Berlin!). I snowed on my high school graduation. And my brother's... And my sister's... After a while, you go crazy waiting for green trees and grass. So they're always my favorite.

Q: What supplies are your favorite to work with (either in crafting or in creating for your shop)?

A: My top priority is the source of materials - was it made with recycled or sustainable materials?

Q: What is your favorite thing about summer?

A: Do you remember what summer tasted like as a kid?

For me, it involved a lot of popsicles and marshmallows over the campfire. I think those little moments are still my favs.

Q: What's your favorite craft?

A: I like anything that involves paper, paint, and fabric. I used to adore pottery, but I just don't have the room or the time for such a big hobby. Maybe later!

Q: What is the hobby you most enjoy?

A: Oooh - my favorites are going ice skating, traveling, and reading. To relax or think about new projects, I like to take long walks.

Q: What lies in store next for you and/or Gadanke??

A: Oh gosh! My husband and I are gutting the back of an old airplane hangar. We'll have a little 750 square foot home, and Gadanke will have its very own office right over a couple of airplanes. It'll be really cool. But first there's some serious decluttering to do. There is years and years of clutter that has built up in the place.

Thank you Katie for taking the time to answer these questions and letting us know you and your shop a little better!

Before I get into this week's list, here are some more of her journals......

See an awesome journal you want??

Go to her shop and use the code KELLIST10 and receive a 10% discount (valid for 10 days only)!! Hurry!

And now this week's list (from Katie's She Journal):

My list:

Can't wait to see yalls! And don't forget to link up and add your photos to our flickr group!


Friday, August 19, 2011

fashion friday/// week 3

Blogger: atlantic-pacific
If I had to sum up this blogger's fashion in one word, I would say "classy". Her style is simply chic and always put together so nicely. Of course, I doubt I could afford anything in her wardrobe, but a girl can dream!
Here are some of my all-time favorite looks of hers:

Blogger: lucy laucht
A New York fashinista whose style I adore. Her looks seem so versatile and perfect for city wear. Looking at her outfits seriously make me want to live in New York all the more (and I wouldn't mind going on some shopping adventures with her either).
The looks of hers I admire the most:


Thursday, August 18, 2011

time to celebrate!

Break out the champagne, get some confetti, light up some sparklers, and bring on the balloons, we're celebrating. (Okay, more like I am celebrating).
This Monday I had an interview and not only did I get the job, but my now boss told me I was the only one she wanted to interview and hired me on the spot!!! It was an incredible feeling. For the first time, I interviewed for a job I so badly wanted. Granted, working at Forever 21 is awesome and I did hope for the job, but this one is different. If I didn't get the job I would've been upset and the night before I was mentally trying to prepare and not get too excited. When I was offered the job, I said yes right away. It may not be my "dream job" but it's a definite foot in the door. Yall are now looking at an extended day, homework academy teacher. I may not have my own classroom and I may only teach for an hour a day, but it will be well worth it. The school is a private one in Duval and I am hoping to one day get a teaching job there (crossing my fingers hoping).

So this Monday I will start. We're having a meet and greet time and I get to introduce myself to the rest of the staff, parents and students I will be working with this year. I cannot wait. Seriously.
I am therefore celebrating (on my own) with drinks and pretty balloon photos. Monday will be a big day....
And here goes working 2 jobs again. This time, I'm kinda looking forward to it though.

Thanks for stopping by to share in the moment with me!!