Thursday, October 9, 2008

tell me more

I love photohoots. They make me happy.

This week and this past weekend have been crazy. So much running around.
My computer crashed.
Photoshoot at JU and trying to edit pictures.
Football game tonight. And practices like crazy.
Jaguars football game this past Sunday. We lost, but Leigh and I still had fun.
Work work work.
Dropped my field class, no more interning.
Netflix movies :) (one month free)
Homework (or avoiding homework)
Classes galore, although most of them were canceled for this week. No clue as to why.
Midterms are here.

Sometimes I really wish I could be a hippie. But I think I like my showers too much. And my bed.

Today is so far beautiful, but I am stuck inside with a headache. I also have a ton of homework I should be doing, but am avoiding at all costs. Then our football game tonight.

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