Wednesday, November 5, 2008

change, we need

So I have to admit that Barak Obama was not the candidate I was hoping would win, but surprisingly enough he did. What is even more surprising is that last night when the votes came in and the winner was announced, I was excited. True I felt bad for McCain, I think he could have done some wondeerful things for our country and I see him as one of the most patriotic people in this nation, but what an incredible thing. The most unlikely candidate won. A man who didn't come from a wealthy family, who's skin color has made many not like him, and who I never thought would win, is our new President.
After watching his acceptance speech (and McCain's concession speech) I was close to tears. Here were two amazing choices for President and while one had to lose, they both had the most amazing words to say. I've never been so appreciative to see history coming alive. It was a historic moment and this is going to be an amazing ride (or so I hope).

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