Monday, October 8, 2007

the middle

Why is it that in the end you think about the beginning? Or that at the end, you realize how good things once were?
I'm trying to see the good in life. But I keep seeing friends going through difficult times that I think they shouldn't have to deal with, yet I suppose God sees the reason behind it and we all just have to trust in His judgement, knowing that with Him we will get through it. It reminds me of a Hope Floats quote. (Terrible movie, but this quote makes a good point):
The beginnings are usually scary, the endings sad, but it is the middle that counts the most.

So here goes trying to make the most of the middle. Not worrying about the future (at least not too much) and not dwelling on the past. Simply living and doing the best at it that I can.

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this is my sundown said...

the middle is a very odd place. hope all is going well for you though. i kept thinking of that jimmy eat world song that you like "the middle"