Thursday, July 3, 2008

current goals

After being at work, bored to tears today, I realized that there are a lot of things in my life I need to change. So I decided to make a list of goals that I need to start working on in hopes that they would spark some kind of new life into me again.

-- I want to:

~take more pictures. Of course this means I need a new digital camera. I'm a little worried about the cost and that I'll pick the wrong one, but I've been wanting one for awhile, so I think it's time I splurged.

~not worry so much. Roll with the punches. Just take things as they come.

~be more girly in my attire and take the time to make myself feel better by dressing better

~be optimistic. This one will be the most difficult. It will mean going against how I've been for half of my life. But I think it's finally time this old dog learns new tricks.

~belt out a song everyday. Jsust to get myself smiling and have some fun. And should a dance join in, all the better.

~do more scrapbooking. It seems I am only in the mood while at work and unable to. But I want to do it more. I want to be more creative and finally get caught up.

~learn to love myself and being just with myself.

~grow in my relationship with God.

~try new things (and often).

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