Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I LOVE today.


-i didnt have to give my presentation in class
- my first test was a group effort

- my second test was easier than I thought

- I love tuesdays and hanging out with some awesome second graders (despite the fact that they were being moody today)

- starbucks coffee

- hanging out with a good friend at starbucks and catching up

- kings of convenience

- sunny day and warm weather

- warm weather = wearing shorts`(i cant remember the last time i did that)

-my good friends had their baby, Roman today!!!!!

- i still am completely IN LOVE with my hair cut. The emo cut works so well for days when all I can do is roll outta bed and find some hair ties. Hello pippi braids.

-tonight i can kinda take it easy (and not stay up doing hw til 5 like i did last night...)

-God is good. And Jesus loves us. And that's all I need to know

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