Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I am not happy about my blog layout. I think I have changed it at least 3 times this week already, but I'm not sure how to better customize it. Therefore I am left with using the premade generic ones. Oh well.

In other news, I began another interning assignment today. I am not currently at 2 elementary schools and I love them both.To be honest though, I'm really nervous about trying to get a job after graduation. I never really feared finding one, since everyone is always looking for more teachers, but Duval and Florida are continuously cutting the already ridiculously small school budget and even more teachers are losing jobs. How am I going to find one? I guess this is where faith and trusting in God comes in. And maybe this will just allow Him to use me in other ways. Perhaps what I really want to do will then happen. My roommate and I are talking about making big plans. But I hate thinking about them without knowing for sure it will happen.....

I have so much homework to do. What else is new? I should get to it, but I've decided to blog instead. And I'm getting excited about the weekend. I have 2 awesome friends coming in to stay with me! Hopefully this will mean catching up on pictures....!

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