Thursday, May 21, 2009

rainy love

It has been raining non-stop here for a few days. Luckily today it slacked some and I actually got to see sunshine for about 5 minutes before it disappeared again. Usually I hate this kind of weather, but this week it's been kind of relaxing. And I was even able to finally buy a pair of rain boots!

So far I have started my Thursday off right. :)
-I was actually early to class
-Class was at the Cummer Museum today. Sadly it was cut short...
- I got my current favorite drink at Starbucks. ( Grande Iced Carmel Macchiato) YUM

Now I have about a million things to do....
-science paper
-clean bathroom
-figure out dinner for tonight
-work on art homework
-try to find time to scrapbook
-watch the season finale of Lie To Me. (an awesome show, by the way. sadly I missed the finale)
-call some friends and catch up

Can't wait for tonight! Dinner with some of my amazing friends. :)

Oh and here are a few scrapbook pages I did for March. I stole the idea and design of the word "musician" from a flickr post I saw. It was really inspiration, so I tried to mimic it for this....


jessica said...

class at the cummer... yay! I never went last year even though it was on my list all year!!! I took an art education class once and it was a lot of fun. i hope you are still enjoying it!!!

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

it is amazing!! we should go when you come for a visit. the gardens are the prettiest thing in jax. and it would be a great location for a photoshoot!!!!

michelle and brittany said...

it's totally nice to meet you my flickr friend! and you are so right...urban outfitters= the greatest store ever.

and dude, the rain has been plaguing us here in south louisiana too. typical summer for us, cloudless skies all day, until about 3pm hits, then it's rain. bleh. and then the weather cycle starts over again the next day. :]