Saturday, September 19, 2009

art market saturday

This afternoon some of us went to the Riverside Arts Market. While the market is open from about March or April until December, none of us had ever gone.
The weather was perfect and the entertainment, art, and crafts were incredible....

Um.... no words can describe I guess....

the unicycle/ fire juggler.

And I bought this shirt. Tact brand. They had some adorable stuff and this was the last pink shirt with a camera!!!

Kenyan Coffee. AMAZING!!!! 100% fair trade, contributes to Kenyans, no bitter aftertaste, AND low acid levels. Some Publix and WinnDixie stores now carry this (in the organic section). Check out their website here. And try the coffee- you won't regret it--- I PROMISE!!!

Ok- so I loved this girl's work and bought a bunch of stuff from her. You can too.... find her here.

They had bunch of these pieces of art. So cute!!! And most of them are hysterical!!. See more here.

There was also a booth with a lot of cute items and you could design your own purse/apron/etc.!! I loved these designs the most. Create yours here.

This place was amazing. Custom made jewelry (or you can buy what's already made). They were making them right in their booth. These were my favorites. Get your own here.

Then we went thrift store shopping (because we hadn't done enough shopping :) )

I bought this 1968 Look Magazine with John Lennon on the cover!!! So freakin' sweet.

And these two things above I did not buy. However, they were too funny.

And to top off our day- we went to Sake House for lunch. I haven't had sushi in soooooo long. It was nice to get some again!!!

What have you been up to this beautiful Saturday?!?!?
<3 <3 kelz

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