Tuesday, September 22, 2009

fall can make even mondays good

As a good friend pointed out to me, I have been really bad about posting my happy monday lists/posts. I blame it mostly on a change in my schedule (I have class on Mondays; therefore I am at my computer less on that day). But I decided that this week was in need of one, so better late than never (or something to that effect).

1. pumpkins
(google image)
I love, love, love, LOVE pumpkins. No joke. In fact, I love them so much, I made my font orange. Take that!
The boy bought me a mini pumpkin the other day while we were at the grocery store. I think this year I'm going to buy a bunch and decorate and name them. Any suggestions for decorations or names???
2. The scents that come with Fall.

I love smells like this. And I love the Wallflowers plug ins found at Bath & Body Works.

3. 50's fashion

I found these adorable dresses here online at Retro Housewife.
I've been trying to get an early start on figuring out my Halloween costume and I started searching 1950's fashions when I stumbled upon these beauties. Too bad I can't buy one of 'em.

4. decorating
:) House decorations for Fall. Like this one found over on Elsie Flannigan's flickr.
I can't wait to break out our Fall/Halloween decorations and get festive!!

5. warm clothing

Like this scarf I found online at gap.

and this hat I found at this etsy store

and this hat I found at this etsy shop
Ok now you gotta go check out my good friend Jeff's blog. He started his own Monday list and it definitely made me laugh. A lot. So go read for yourself.
Happy [belated] Monday!!!...Ok Tuesday. :)

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