Monday, April 27, 2009

scrapbooking madness

Since school is over :) I have found fun ways to spend my time.

Suffice to say I have been scrapbooking A LOT. And I love it!!! My room has never looked messier though.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

freedom at last

Finals are over and I have 2 weeks to do whatever I want (with work squeezed in there too) before I have to go back to school again. I'm so happy to have a life (for at least a little while and then I have to go back to having no social life). Any time though is better than none at all.

So I spent my first official day of my break hanging out with friends, taking pictures and drinking starbucks (which may I say was the worst cup of chai I've ever had...there's one starbucks i will no longer be going to :( oh well.)

Pictures from the day (all from downtown):

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

monday, monday

Another week. Finals week.
So far I've.....
-completed 2 papers (1 to go)
-had 1 exam (1 to go)
-had 1 doctor's appointment (3-4 to go)
-consumed too much coffee
-stayed up way to late to finish last minute assignments
-been attacked by one leaping spider (yes leaping)
-watched one scary movie that I don't think I've ever screamed louder at. No wonder my neighbors hate us.....

I can't wait for the weekend and the freedom it is going to bring with it.

The only thing I dread now are the summer classes I had to sign up for last minute. I can deal with the two 3 hour classes, but a 7 hour Friday science methods class?!?!?!? Come on. If anything, that will be the death of me. Here's to needing a hard drink in a few months in celebration of the true end to school and a good, long break!!! I can't wait.

Oh yes, and 22 is right around the corner. Ek.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

mae day

So for just one minute, I'm going to be bitter...
Pretty much everyone in this city has tomorrow (Good Friday) off from work. Schools are out, even the court house is closed. But our law office?? Nope. I still have to work. Now of course there are some good sides of this. 1-less traffic in the morning so it won't take over a half an hour to get into the office. 2-im getting paid. But with all the school stuff coming to an end, I need more time to work on the never-ending pile of papers, lessons and studying that I have to do. Therefore, it's perhaps a little understandable that I'm somewhat peeved today, knowing I have to wake up at 6 tomorrow morning (ok, it's gonna be 7, let's face it) and work. Bleh.

Well here's to chugging down the rest of my coffee so I can finish the homework I am currently putting off so I can go to dinner and watch the office with some friends. :) While listening to Carole King and Mae all the while. :)

Happy early Friday those of you lucky enough to have it off! Get some sun for me! And maybe a drink for me too.