Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Help out my school!! (pretty, pretty please with a cherry on top??)

On April 30th, Barnes and Noble will be helping out my school. What's really awesome abot this is that 20% of what anyone buys (if you mention Sheffield Elementary) will go straight to our school!!

The even better part??? You don't have to come to this specific Barnes and Noble (it's just where we might be.... hehe).
You can purchase books from any Barnes and Noble that day, or even order from them online!

All you have to do is mention my school's name (Sheffield Elementary and/or our school voucher #: 10441897) and we get 20%!

Our school could really use this (couldn't any?)

So pretty, pretty please if you have any books in mind, or just have a love of book shopping, please wait and do it on April 30th at Barnes and Noble!!!!

much love

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kitten roar said...

great excuse and reason for me to go book shopping! i will be there :)