Friday, April 1, 2011

my style

In thinking about what my home style is.....I sadly have to admit to sum it up in one word would be: clutter.
I am not proud of this. Heck, I despise disorganization...but somehow it happened. My friend Ashley actually described it quite accurately, I like so many styles that I seem to find it hard to pick just one, so I go with a bunch and when I try to incorporate them....clutter ensues.
So I have a new goal.... I want to declutter my place. I also want to make it less girly and more unisex friendly. Afterall, I've had a boy roommate for over a year....

I want my new style to be fresh. Simple. Organized. Spring colors.
Any tips???


xo.leslieanne said...

Ahh. I'll be checking back at this post because I've been thinking the same thing about my apartment.

Courtney said...

I totally have the problem too. All of my furniture is MCM but I adore the victorian look too. I found then each time I move I luckily have a place to keep extra items/furniture what not; the less I bring into the apartment the clearer I can find out what pieces I NEED to see everyday and which ones I can finally part with. I hope that helps a bit!

Megan said...

I have some ideas for you!

1. Start an inspiration folder. Save pictures of things you like and after awhile you'll start to see a connection between the majority of the things you are attracted too. That way you can weed out the things you like that don't fit. Then you can do the same thing in real life.

2. Pick out just a few of your very favorite things and center your design around them.

3. Check out the flickr group Pretty Organized, there are some great ideas!

Hope this helps!

Eleanor said...

I recommend It may seem really cheesy when you first browse to their site, but I went ahead and signed up (it's free) and I don't regret it. The purpose of the program is getting the clutter under control and then developing a housekeeping routine that is super easy to stick with and is all about maintenance cleaning rather than crash and burn cleaning.

I've been signed up for about a month and it has helped me get rid of a LOT of clutter, which was a big goal of mine before our third baby is due in May.

Claire said...

Hi! love your blog :) evry now and then i have a 'de clutter' but it soon ends up cluttered again! I think the elves must come in while i sleep and dump stuff in my house! x

reanaclaire said...

hello Kellie
Coming by to wish u a good weekend!! by the way, can you check out your email? I have written one to you and awaiting for your response.. i hope you can do them.. thanks!!

Katelynn said...

SHELVES. I love shelves. Off the ground junk holders. You can even make the junk look all artsy and cute because it is displayed on lovely wonderful shelves! (I just put some up in my room and I'm still kinda obsessed lol)