Wednesday, September 26, 2012

hello 3rd grade, good-bye 5th grade

   The past couple of weeks have been absolutely insane. Last week I dealt with a lot of teaching firsts (including parent/teacher conferences) and while it was a bit overwhelming, I learned so much.
Then Friday rolled around and I got the biggest shock of all. My principal let me know that as of Thursday (today) I would no longer be a 5th grade teacher, but instead 3rd. I've been going back and fourth on this for a week. While I know there is nothing I can do, budget cuts are what they are, I still have been feeling such extremes.

On one hand I'm incredibly sad. My first class and it's taken away from me during week 6. I've grown to love these kiddos. I've invested so much in them. I've invested so much of my own personal budget, of my time creating a nice classroom.... and now it's all gone. I love my former team members and my students as well. I hate leaving the 5th grade, especially since I was suppose to go on a field trip with them Friday that we have been preparing for for weeks!

But on the other hand, I'm excited. I think I'm really going to love 3rd grade. I met my students today and so far they seem amazing. I also love my new partner (who shares the same name as me!!!) and my team. I'm also no longer in a portable (which is good and more personal bathroom).

So that's my life lately. Today I had my students help me move some things and I tried to get situated in my new room. Tomorrow my amazing partner is going to help me as I work on my new room and prepare myself and classroom for my new teaching position. Lord help me!

But my fifth graders did write me some amazing good bye letters (and some even gave me little gifts)!! One of the best letters I got was the one above. I had been so close to crying all day and after reading this letter, I almost died laughing. It was just what I needed and made me so glad I'm a teacher.

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Anonymous said...

O wow! what a crazy way to start off your new job. I guess the 'whys' are of no importance. When "the man!" says you gots tah move, you gots to move, LOL. That is the best letter. I laughed out loud.
Best of luck with the new class~you'll do great!!