Friday, December 21, 2012

a lovely list of sites

Not sure what to do with all those turkey leftovers? We weren't either until I stumbled upon this site. We're trying this one tomorrow night (fingers crossed).

31 diy projects I wish I had thought of, but could sure use for Christmas gifts this year!!!

An amazing Christmas medley- 40 Christmas songs in 16 minutes. A must watch!!

So many wonderful diy projects with sharpies!!!

Amazing recipe for pumpkin cupcakes (that I tried out for the first time for my school's garage sale!!).
And some amazing pumpkin spice latte cupcakes that I think will only feed my Starbucks pumpkin spice addiction!

Draw a stick man, and keep drawing to create a story...interesting concept .

An amazing shop with some of the cutest rings!

A new (to me) blog that I absolutely love!

Mixtapes by categories.... pretty sweet idea!

Ok this post is pretty do you know you're a teacher? (so true!!!)

A holiday playlist by one of my favorite bloggers.

And two blogs that I have fallen in love with because they ladies that write them are truly amazing and full of Christ's love. Kisses from Katie and Wandering with Mary

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