Tuesday, December 11, 2012

saving memories or hoarding?

I'm a pretty big fan of the show Hoarders. Perhaps its because its one of those "guilty pleasure shows" or maybe it's slightly out of fear that it may be a glimpse of my future.

Just kidding.


It was always hard to throw things away or donate them even. I'm not sure if it was something I was taught or just something I picked up on my own, but I always felt a tiny bit guilty for not keeping something. What if I needed it later? What if I could actually make it into something awesome? What if I needed it when I finally became a teacher? All these questions nagging me in the back of my mind eventually kept me from giving things (or too many things) away. In the end, I had a giant closet full of things that I barely touched, let alone looked at.
Then Steven came into my life. And I realized that all I was doing was holding onto things that I would never use or need again. Some things had meaning and I wanted to hold onto for longer, but others I no longer needed.
Of course, while watching Hoarders (even though I know I could never be that bad) I also realized that all those silly nagging questions only made things worse. If I was ever going to make it into something else, I would have. If I really needed it that badly later, I could just buy a cheaper one then (unless it was something rare). And now that I am a teacher, if I haven't found a possible need for it yet, I won't.

Then a couple of weekends ago my school had a garage sale (see above picture).
My mom and amazing girl friends helped contribute and also helped bake so that we could make some more money for the kiddos.
And then a hoarders worst nightmare (hahaha).... my mom pointed out a lot of the stories behind my "for sale" items. Of course, knowing who I got something from or even who made it (or even worse, realizing that it was once my mom's) made it almost impossible to get rid of. I didn't need it anymore, and there are really only so many stuffed animals you can keep in your 20's  (with no kids) and not seem like a crazy person). But I felt that slight feeling of guilt again. All of these things were attached to memories and I felt like if I let them go, the memories my even fade.

So it got my thinking..... when we give into that feeling are we saving memories or are we merely hoarding??



Christopher Smith said...

My grandma would be on the show Hoarders if she was given the space to get away with it. Fortunately she lives with my mom who is the exact opposite and throws away anything that hasn't been used in a while. Myself, I part with things easily, but I have a shoebox full of small mementos from significant memories. The things in that box are essentially useless, but each thing holds a memory. I don't see an issue with things on that scale, but once you start holding on to useless items with little to no sentimental value, it's time to let go and stop hoarding.

Anyhow, I honestly can't remember how I stumbled upon your blog, but it's been enjoyable and I wanted to drop in and say hello. So hello. Keep up the good posts and start unloading some of your junk! haha

Jae Anle said...

Hi, I'm a long time follower and absolutely adore your blog. I'm just curious as to how you obtained a page from my life!!! I'm have a hard time parting with things for memories sake but I know I don't have the capacity to be a Hoarder. I understand your dilemma completely. Every time I watch the show, I'm inspired to get rid of something :) As a result, I'm trying to adapt the minimalist lifestyle as we approach the new year. Best of luck to you and your endeavors.

Jae Anle'