Wednesday, August 28, 2013

links galore!!

Yup, the post with all the awesome links!!!!

This is one of my all-time favorite places in Jacksonville! Gluten free cupcakes and vegan donuts (plus they're amazing!!)

This online store just opened! And one of my favorite parts? The rings!

Turn your i-phone into a projector. And the supplies can be found in your own home!!

If you're a dog owner (or just love dogs) you'll love these hilarious photos!

And speaking of dogs....this video cracks me up every time I watch it!!!

Theses guest rooms are amazing! I want my bedroom to look like one of these!

I love her blog, and this video is one of my favorites of hers!

32 reasons why Robert Downey, Jr. is amazing.

Movie facts (or stories) but pretty interesting!

Did you see the VMAs the other night?? If not, you missed out on JT's amazing performance and Miley Cyrus' scary one. (Even Will Smith's family seemed to think so.) But here is the complete list of winners!!

Chalkboard diy ideas!

I'm already a huge fan of oreos (how could you not be) but a list of 50 desserts you can make with oreos???? Amazing!

I am totally and completely in love with this blog and this blog!! Oh and this fashion blog  and this fashion blog too!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

good reads- a best seller, a teen novel, and a series, oh my!

One amazing thing about having the entire summer to myself was all the reading I got to catch up on. Here were a few on my list.....
 The Book Thief. An amazing and incredible book. I just finished it and I'm a little sad. I'm a huge fan of WWII books, so I really looked forward to reading this one. To make it more unique (which appealed to me even more) was that it was a different view point than most are. I can't say enough good things about this book. While it is sad, it is so heartwarming.

Branded. A wonderful book, that while it is a "teen" novel, even I as an adult thoroughly enjoyed it. The writing wasn't the absolute best, and it wasn't as detailed as I would have liked (and maybe even needed) but the story was extremely interesting. But beware: it's supposed to be a trilogy, but the authors just finished this book, so it will be awhile before the next come out. (This made me a little sad).

The Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Okay- I'll admit it...these would be classified as "trash". And they definitely are adults only. But one thing I love reading in the summer is chicklit and this series was up my alley. The series as a whole has 12 books and I can't wait to take on the next one on my list (10th!!!). Some of the language annoyed me (huge buff vampires shortening words like "addy" for address or "deets" for details. But the stories were intriguing and I love that each book in the series highlights another character, while still incorporating all of them.

Any good read recommendations from yall??

Monday, August 19, 2013

a pirate's life for me

 So today was the first day back to school. I wasn't as nervous as I thought I would (but plenty enough, trust me). Thanks to my friend Kelly (seen below) I got an idea together on how to dress the part of a pirate, which is our schools theme. I had so much fun with it and the best part was that everyone in the school seemed to have. The adults and kids alike were all excited for this new change and theme. I think its going to be the beginning of something great!!
(PS my hair looked amazing before I had to put it up from being in the 90 degree heat. I also have on awesome boots to complete the ensemble, just thought you should know.)

And speaking of my awesome friend Kelly..... this past weekend we took a lovely (and quick) trip to Miami. We hung out with friends and her family and most wonderfully of all.... we went to the Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z concert. I think I may be even more smitten with JT now. He's just such an incredible performer. 
So yea, the picture below is our excited to see JT faces.
 Then to cap off the end of a good first day, I had dinner with my sweet and beautiful girlfriends and then came home to awesome mail (which included these two books)!!! So excited to put them to good use and craft. It probably won't be until Winter Break though.... this school year is already crazy busy.
Well.... sleep time. If you're a teacher, parent, or student- I hope you had a wonderful first week back!!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Chloe Diaries// volume 1

So if you follow me on instagram or facebook I'm sure you've seen this picture (and the follow up video). Honestly this cute pup has so many weird traits. I love her all the more for them though. 
But her newest thing has been dragging blankets out of their basket. She pulls them out one-by-one and brings them into the living room. It was cute the first few times, but it gets a tad annoying putting them back all the time. I guess the next trick will have to be putting them back. Won't that be fun to teach her! haha
It would be a great (and maybe unique) trick, right? So far she only knows sit, stay (which most of the time she likes to ignore) lie down, shake, and high five. I'm trying to teach her wave and getting no where with playing dead.
Any of y'all have awesome tricks you've taught your animal??

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

dead men tell no tales

And I guess busy teachers write no posts either.

This week I am back in my classroom (well in a new classroom) setting up for Monday. I've moved rooms, organized, crafted, and created one too many bulletin boards (I had 8 total). I may be tired, but I'm getting more and more excited about this coming year. 
And I seriously love our school's theme. Everyone is so into it- I can't wait to see the kids' reactions.
 Well mateys, until next time.......

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

back to the grind

Well, as of this past Monday summer is over for me. This week consists of teacher training, next week is pre-planning (and I get to set my room back up!!!) and then the following week the kidos come back to school.
It's funny, the other day I took Chloe to the dog park and it was completely empty- I guess everyone is back to work. It's kind of sad....while I am looking forward to a new school year, I love summer and I hate to see it go. But alas, the last of my pool days and sleeping in during the week as ended. However, now I have some other things to look forward to....bouquets of freshly sharpen pencils (please tell me you know what movie I'm referring to), cooler autumn weather, scarves and jackets, football and pumpkin spice lattes. Fall is my favorite season and I'm really looking forward to it!

So, good-bye summer. Thanks for the wonderful memories and awesome suntan!!

P.S. Can you tell what my school theme is this year?? (the photo is a clue....)

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Chelsea's last single girl night out

 This weekend some of my girl friends and I celebrated our friend Chelsea's upcoming marriage by taking her out on the town. We started with a pool day and ended in St. Augustine with dinner and drinks and trying to cross off Chelsea's bachelorette list. 
Now only just a couple of weeks until Chelsea's wedding!!
I seriously have some of the best girlfriends in the world!!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

links, links!! and happy shark week!

 shark week chloe

I am a pretty big fan of shark week (which starts tomorrow!!!!!!), so I was really happy when Kaelah wrote a post about throwing a shark week party! She even shared this amazing Shark Week drinking game. Talk about amazing!

I was also pretty excited about this sister team's new book and the pre-order special they are having!

21 diagrams that will help you in everyday life. Pretty awesome- even Steven loved this!

DIY glitter mason jars and vases. Because anything glittery is just awesome!

And speaking of glitter awesomeness...check out this DIY too.

This recipe sounds so good...blueberry sweet rolls with lemon glaze. Yum!!

I absolutely love this repurposed bench. We don't have room for it, but I still want it!

I love this blogger, but these Utah photos she shared made me love her blog even more.

My dream home would have a gorgeous bathroom like this one!

With football season around the corner (WOO HOO!!) this cute little snack is going to come in handy!

A couple of my friends have been telling me that the new Netflix show, Orange is the New Black is a great show. This article makes me want to start watching it even more!

Apple pumpkin cake? YES please!

Friday, August 2, 2013