Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thursday, I went to Daniel Goldhagen's lecture. I think the title basically explains his viewpoint and what the lecture was on.

Monday night, I went to hear Henri Landwirth, a Holocaust survivor.
One thing he said that hit me, was when Henri said that he didn't believe in God while he was in the camps, but when he got out he did, because he feels it was a miracle that he survived and obviously God must've wanted him to stay around and do something big.

And something that one of the professors pointed out that I thought was kinda funny, was when Clinton was President and he was asked about the genocide going on and when the US would step in to do something, he basically responded saying when it poses an interest to the US we would interfere....... hmm

We humans are capable of such terrible and disastrous things and also such beautiful things. - Professor Millicevic

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