Monday, December 3, 2007


The weekend I was dreading turned into a really amazing one instead. (Minus a few plans I wanted to do not working out).

I have been so close to the breaking point lately due to school, work, and other drama concerning friends.... Friday I finally broke. It was sad, something that usually would not have gotten to me as much finally just broke me. I spent my entire lunch hour in tears. But it was kind of a relief. I needed to get it out and once that was over, I was able to in a way start over.
Friday night I was able to hang out with friends that I have been missing. Plus there was chinese food (and a fortune that promised me cake...although I have yet to see it).
Saturday was a lazy day. I was suppose to study, but every time I tried I just couldn't concentrate. Which was then followed by Jess and I eating way to many calories (thank you awesome blossom) but I enjoyed every minute of it. And then of course, Dan's show.

I finally feel at ease (or at least more than before). Life is still hectic, but I don't feel like I am at my wit's end anymore. And what is even better, is that I feel that I am able to enjoy life more and see the good more clearly. While I hate that I had to get to that "breaking point" I'm in a way thankful for it.

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jessica said...

i heart you.

that awesome blossom kicked my butt, too!