Thursday, November 5, 2009

sick of being sick

I think I'm going on a week of being sick now. Ick. Luckily though, my voice is finally back. I miss the kids at my school though, I can't wait for Monday to be back interning.
I feel pretty darn useless- like I should be using this time to do something. Catch up on letters and emails. Catch up on my netflix movies. Scrapbook. Journal. Sketch. Anything, but instead I've been a bum. I guess the tons of sleep is needed, especially if I still plan on being back at work tomorrow.
On the good side, I have some beyond amazing friends that have really been there for me the past couple months. Through thick and thin. I am so blessed.
Another happy note- I get to write this post from my porch. While it would be nice if it was cooler than 70 degrees on this beautiful November day, just the fact that it's not so dreadfully hot that I can be out here is wonderful. I love it!!!! :)

Oy, and here is reason why being bored and sick with a camera is never a good idea. Never.

I actually had to use this board a few days since the doctor told me I had to rest my throat which meant no talking. Um, difficult task!!

love, love,


Tailored Trash Queen said...

Feel better soon! Good luck on your return to work! Being sick is the worst!!!!

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

thank you!! i'm actually feeling a lot better now!! :)