Wednesday, December 23, 2009

my crazy life....

sometimes it can suck, but really, i do love it--i love my crazy, messed up, hectic life. :)

So I am finally uploading pictures of our Christmas decorations. I actually decorated majorly early this year and got out my Christmas cards super early too, but totally slacked on getting pictures of it all uploaded as well as getting all my gifts (yea still have some shopping to do tomorrow. YIKES!!!)

this is my stocking holder-- i was totally barbie obsessed!!!

My outfit for today's firm Christmas lunch. (I also wore this dress to be Audrey Hepburn for Halloween- ha!)

and i treated myself to a gingerbreak latte after some Christmas shopping after work :)

Its been soooooo windy- poor reindeer got killed. :(

Ok--so one reason i LOVE the holiday season is because I get to see my family more often, like these two beautiful girls!!! (my nieces)

And hanging out with awesome friends!

and of course i love the holiday parties (soooo many this year :) and the white elephant ones are even better!!)

I saved this pretty ornament (NOT) for ben. hahaha!

our friend lauren made this awesome hat (out of a witch's hat..... hmm a lot of reusing halloween items for this Christmas)

(nose painting!!!!) leigh's last sunday as a youth pastor was this past sunday and her youth group came up with this funny idea. so great!

My friends and I also got this box of letters (or love mail) together for Leigh as a goodbye present.

(and you can see my new tattoo. :) i love it!!!)

Only a little bit of time left before it is Christmas Eve!!! Merry Christmas everyone!!!! Hope it's wonderful!



my name is lauren. said...

what a cute tattoo. my brother-in-law has love in type writer font on his wrist too.

have you ever hear of "to write love on her arms"? that's what his is for. what made you decide to get yours?

anyway...i also wanted to say hi and thanks for following my little blog. excited to get to know you!

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

Lauren-- thank you. his sounds awesome! and yes that is what I got mine for-- "to write love on her arms".
i love your blog! soooo cute! and thanks for stopping by mine. :)

Lindsay said...

what a fun post!! I love all your decorations! Hope you have a fantastical Christmas!!

Annie♥ said...

hey! you look so pretty and cool!I loved your blog-following!


...on the brink of something beautiful said...

Thanks ladies!! Hope yall had a very Merry Christmas!!! :)
<3 kel