Saturday, November 21, 2009

the very best weekend :)

Friday night: Girl's night. So much fun. Perhaps too much????

Saturday: Leigh, Jeff K., Jessica, and I all headed to middle Florida to hear/see Donald Miller!!!
It was amazing. Both he and Susan Isaacs were great. Surprisingly (or maybe not so much) I was nervous to meet Donald Miller. I've read almost all of his books and each one has inspired me greatly to try new things, try to make a better story, to be a better Christian, daughter, friend, writier, artist, everything. Read his books if you haven't yet!!!

The drive down was so awesome. Full of starbursts and singing! I love my friends!

**Us with Donald Miller!

** Us with Susan Isaacs

I also bought her book- looks soooooooo good!!! Can't wait to dive in.

I also bought a bright pink shirt that has the above quote about sarcasm. I think it fits me perfectly!!!

We also enjoyed a late night Denny's run after the talks. Nothing like greasy breakfast food and amaxing conversation with your best buddies!

Sunday: My bestie gave her first sermon at the church she is currently the youth pastor for. My mom scanned the bulletin and sent it to us. She was soooooo amazing. Inspiring and funny. She held my attention captive, taught us new things and I was so proud of her that I almost cried (ok, maybe without the almost....).

**Before our way to church that morning**

** My bestie, Leigh and I! ** (Leigh-If you are reading this right now: I love you soooooooooo much. You were amazing!!!!)

And of course I made everyone take group shots after. Although my parents had already left to get us a table for lunch. :( And a few other friends had already left by the time we were all able to take thes pics.....

Overall, last weekend was AMAZING. So many good things, so many great people, new memories and food!
This weekend is also a crazy busy one! Must get back to baking!!
Much love and hope you're weekend is fun, fun!!!!

<3 kelZ

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I hate the phrase "grin and bear it". At least right now. I feel like my whole life I've just "grinned and beared it" just like everyone else has. Right now though, I don't want to hear it, I shouldn't have to hear it. I feel like what's going on in my life right now is so big that it elicits a better response than the typical "just suck it up and do it." Why do people say that? I know that for most things you do just have to suck it up and do it.
Been there.
Done that.
Bought the freakin t-shirt.
But this, this I can't just suck it up and do, I can't just grin and bear it and I can't handle hearing that from one more person as their friendly piece of advice.
Now I know that they only say this because they care, and I'm not trying to make their love or advice less than what it is; however, I am saying that I don't think this kind of advice proves helpful at this time. I need real advice. I need guidance. I need a voice talking me through the panic attacks I've been giving myself lately over all of this.

I also don't want this post to seem completely emo. I'm not. Life has really been great. There are of course low or sucky moments, but my life has had some interesting and amazing turns lately. Part of me is also excited for what is to come. But in thinking about my future, in thinking about what I want and how it's changed from even last year, that's where I get paniced. I use to know exactly what I wanted, now I don't. In some ways I love this, it's boring to know the future and have everything planned, BUT, in this one decison, in this one area of my life, I'm stumped and sooo afraid of making the wrong choice. That's why I can't just grin and bear it. I can't because I don't know if I want to anymore.

Who knows if this senseless rambling makes any sense to anyone but me, but here it is anyway. Written out for all to see.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

pictures!!!!! (finally)

I finally uploaded my pictures from mine and Erin's photoshoot (plus a few more)!!! :) I still have some more to upload, but at least the majority is done.
They're also on my flickr page and facebook page as well. (facebook link to the right).

too cute right????

this didn't come out as great as i hoped, but the dad carrying one of his little girls was sooo adorbale i couldn't pass it up

me & joe. he's one of the greatest guys i've ever met and one of the best friends i've ever had. -photoshoot with him next weekend, so look for the pictures!! (:

joe took this picture of me. i hate that he has my camera for one minute and shoots a better picture than me (and i've had it since i was 16!!) lol

have a great weekend all!!!! i'm gonna have a bunch to post about after this crazy/busy/wonderful weekend, so stay tuned!!!!!

love, love, loveeeee,

Thursday, November 12, 2009

life's a beach

Soooooo much going on.
Being out of work and school last week due to being sick is causing this week to be crazy hectic. It's good to be busy at work (keeps me out of trouble, ha) but when everything is urgent and due "right now", it's not so awesome. Oh well, we take the bad with the good.

There is only a month left of my very last semester of classes. Suffice to say, I'm nervous. I'm also still trying to find a roommate. :( I'll be sad to see my best friend and roomie go, but I know she's got a lot ahead of her- a fun and exciting adventure awaiting.

There are so many good things going on right now too. For starters, I get to see this face again (in only 2 days!!!). It's been too long.

We're meeting up to see Donald Miller speak. He's an amazing author and I can't wait to hear him in person. And I'm crossing my fingers that I get to meet him too!!! I just got another book by him and started reading and Leigh and Jess got his newest book and just finished (can't wait to read it!!). It's going to be a fun Saturday!!!

Mostly, Saturday will be awesome, because I'm going to be with these people (minus Rob Bell, sad I know). ha!
Leigh and Jeff (or as I call them, the other 2 musketeers) are going to be graduating and moving away soon, so any time spent with them makes me uber happy! :) They have become some of the best and most fun people I know. I have truly enjoyed having them be such big parts in my life.

Jeff and I have also been watching Weeds. (thank you netflix). It's such a good show and it's nice to have bonding time with such a great guy friend. :)
I'm truly obsessed with this show though. Can't wait for the next season!!

Friday Leigh and I are also having a girls night in party!! I can't wait. Pina coladas, junk food, pjs, and chick flicks here we come!!!!

Oh and I also have a ton of phots from my photoshoot with Erin to upload and edit. (Hopefully tonight, but if I say that, it won't happen, so let's just say sooooon).
Have a great Thursday! I'm off with a girl friend of mine for girl's night at Mellow Mushroom ($1 wine please?!?)

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Last year and earlier this year I tried an art/journaling/scrapbooking project that didn't quite turn out for either year. I got in little over my head to say the least.
I'm hoping that this new idea will pan out though. It seems simple enough for me to do it once a day (or so I hope).
The new project: journal-a-day.
Usually I start these things on a significant day, like New Years or my birthday, but this time I started it on a day where I found my fresh start. My new beginning.

Hope youre having a good weekend.