Monday, May 2, 2011

5 loves on monday (nyc edition)

Since I graduated college this past week, and it just so happened that my mom and former boss were already going to NYC for work (and I could help) I got a little graduation trip!
NYC is probably one of my absolute favorite places in the entire's like my grown up Disney World. So this past weekend my mom and I got to visit the big apple; hence, my list being all about NYC. :)

So, my 5 favorite things about NYC:

1. the architecture and buildings

2. the tulips everywhere

3.. the sweet treat places!
like...magnolia bakery and rice to riches

4. the late hours
in jax things close sooo super early, so it's nice to be somewhere that has super late hours.

5. the shopping. times square. 5th avenue.

What are your favorite things about NYC. I'd love to hear them!


cuppy said...

I love NYC too !!! I've been there many, many times so I totally know exactly how awesome it is & how rad you feel while you're there!

Brooklyn is pretty amazing too!

I'm so glad you're having a blast !!

YAY !!!!


Courtney said...

I have only been there once (for like a month to make art!) but I LOVE it there! Man, I really want to travel now!

Karisse said...

Those cupcakes look divine and I NEED to go to Rice to Riches. I already know I'll love it!!! ;)

Claire said...

we went to NYC for our 10th wedding anniversary, it was the first time we had been on a plane together in the 21 years of love :) Oh how we loved it. New yrkers are the best. So kind to us British clueless tourists. Magnolia bakery at the Roackefella centre. The Skyline from over in Brooklyn at night :) Central Park. I soooo want to go back for my 40th next year x

Jorden W said...

Mine has to be "Sweetiepie" a children's style restaurant for adults in Greenwich village. It is a sea of pink and has the best mac and cheese ever!!