Monday, May 16, 2011

a reason to put pants on in the morning

Lately, I’ve started to feel like season 3 Marshall from How I Met Your Mother.

Before I go on though, I should probably note:

*Spoiler Alert for season 3 coming up*

Oh and I guess while I’m posting warnings and alerts, I should also note that while what is written below may first come off as whining or complaining, I swear it’s not. Really. I promise. I just watch too much tv and found a silly comparison that I just had to share. Maybe I do need more of a life... haha

For those of you HIMYM addicts, like myself, you know what I am talking about....the Marshall with no job and sits around all day in his boxers....although then the area of where he wears no pants (boxers only) begins to grow and soon, he’s walking around NYC without any pants on. When he finally saves his sanity and lands a job again, he tells his wife although it may not be the ideal job, at least he has a reason to get up and put pants on in the morning. I’ve started to find myself in that same mind set. I might not want to work at random crazy jobs (that I once tried so desperately to avoid) but at least it gives me a reason to put some pants on in the morning. Perhaps this sounds a bit pathetic, but I painfully aware of that fact.

Before you walk away from this post thinking I’m a whiny snob though, I should mention something. I’ve always been the go, go, go kind of gal. Sitting in one place for too long quickly irritates me and I’ve often only escaped boredom’s grips by multi-tasking. It sounds silly, but it’s just an odd quirk of mine. I guess I should probably also mention that I am in no way trying to whine or seek pity (or any other feelings you might be sending my way). I am extremely happy with where I am currently. Yes, I do want a job and yes I am looking for one, but right now I like being free (well as free as one with bills can be). I just couldn’t help noting the humor in the comparison.

Well, I'm off to be an adult for a bit. :)


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Keisha Rae said...

Oh girl. Do I understand this. Being an adult is not so fun sometimes. It's so hard to know what you want to do, what your good at, what your passionate about and what you believe God has created you to do and then not be able to find someone who will let you do it.

I'm in my "Marshall" moment too. Just trying to find reasons to put pants on in the morning.

P.s. I LOVE that you referenced HIMYM. That show makes me laugh more than anything else.

Praying for you