Thursday, June 23, 2011

52 lists and weeks// week 4

First, I gotta share these cute Kate Spade items. I found them this week....tooooo stinkin' adorable.
Kate Spade short list;
Kate Spade long list

And this week's list:
My wish list.
Get creative with it and have fun with what you make. And don't forget to share those lovely lists here (by linking up) and on our flickr group!!!

Here's mine:



Amanda Rose said...

book: The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. i'm reading it right now and love it. I've learned lots of little things.

Sarah said...

I have a quick question...

When I re-link up each week with my new blog post, should I remove my prior link ups?

I wasn't sure what is the best thing to do since I am new to "linking up" with other groups.


humel said...

I've been leaving my previous links, hope that's OK! It means people can quickly and easily find the relevant posts - plus it makes the linky list look longer and more cool ;)

Done my wishlist, it was a quick and simple one again - a thankful one and a hopeful one :)

Donna said...

a counseling job is on the top of my wishlist too.. good luck from one educator to another!