Friday, March 23, 2012

52 lists in 52 weeks// week 42

One of my daily blog reads posted an awesome post a couple of weeks ago that got me thinking..... It was 12 things I've learned in 2012. And I knew right away I wanted to do my own version.
True, 2012 is barely really beginning, but I feel like I've already learned so much this year. So I made my list.

My list of 12 things I've learned so far in 2012:

1. Keebler cookies, Coconut Dreams, are almost identical to Girl Scout Somoas. Less money, more cookies. Why did I not know this before?!?!

2. When I cut my hair, I have to do something dramatic. Most of the time I'm not very fond of change, but sometimes I just need something different in my life. Hair is the perfect thing to change. It grows back (and lightens) but in the meantime I have something that makes me feel new-ish.

3. Pizza-ing is not a good way to stop while skiing. The few times before this year's trip that I had gone I always ended up hurting my knees. This year (thanks to Steven) I learned that pizza-ing may be a good way to slow down for some (but not so much for me), it is not how you come to a complete stop. My knees are ever so thankful.

4. I spend too much money on useless things.

5. I have some pretty awesome friends. Granted I knew this before, but this year has yet again reminded me in numerous ways of this truth. I am truly blessed.

6. Big Bang Theory is an awesome, awesome show!

7. Fight fair. This is something I actually am still working on....all the time. And I still have a hard time at it, but I have tried really hard to work on how I fight. For starters, I try to choose my battles. Not everything is worth fighting for, some things you just have to let go. Of course, knowing what to let go of and what is worth saying something is a tricky thing. I also am trying to weed out being passive aggressive. The last part of trying to fight fair is that I try to stay clam. This is really hard for someone with a temper (like me). But I try to watch what I say when I'm angry- so that I don't regret what I say later. I also try not to yell. Even if the other person is talking over me, I try to stay at my normal voice. This is definitely a work in progress, but I've learned that all of it is worth it.

8. To be more selfish. I know this sounds weird...the truth is I've tried to always put others first. Granted I am not that awesome at it, but I really do try. Lately though, I've realized that sometimes because of that I suffer. So I am trying really hard to make sure my best interest comes first (which is what I call being more selfish). Don't get me wrong, I still want to put others first, but for a little while I think I need to make me the #1 priority.

9. Kids are awesome. Seriously- I love being around my students. They brighten my day.

10. When I have a team to route for, I love watching any sport. (It's what's gotten me through March Madnesses.)

11. Drinking and I don't really get along. Most of the time (ok, majority) it makes me sick now. Not fun.

12. New photo shoot ideas. I knew that when I saw this photography blog post I wanted to try it out. And luckily, when I took maternity shots for my good friend Jen I got to try it out. I tried a couple of new photography and editing techniques that day and I honestly loved each one. Whether or not they turned out, it was fun to experiment.

What's on your list?


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Kirsty.a said...

What's pizza-ing??? Good list though