Monday, July 23, 2012

questions and life

Yea, so it's been awhile....
There's just been so much going on. At least, so much going on in my head, keeping my occupied. I have 2 friends coming this week (so excited!!). I also have to clean my current roommate's room and such so we can try to show it and get yet another roommate. I've been doing tons of research and reading for my new teaching job. Plus I've been trying to get stuff together to decorate my new room (which I haven't even seen yet, boo!). Plus I've been running errands for others. I've also been contemplating switching my hair back to its original blonde.... which means yet another thing to plan.

Life is crazy. But good. Just so hectic and full questions.

The one thing I'm really frustrated about is the roommate situation. I feel like we just got one and now we have to look yet again. We've had several fall through and tons that either can't pay the asking price or have a dog. Sometimes I wish that Steven and I were rich and didn't have to worry about roommates. I'm just hoping that we find one really soon, and we get along, and they stay for more than 6 months. Cause this searching is getting old.



Amanda Rose said...

Good luck with all that you do.

Chelsea Partridge said...

I've been having trouble locating all of my NASA stuff, but I have one poster for you and I have some bookmarks, if you'd like them!