Friday, January 15, 2010

Shopoholic , i am

Hi, my name is Kellie and I am a shopoholic.

I haven't always been like this, I use to loathe shopping. No joke. After about 1-2 hours I could always be found at the only chair in the store, or in a corner, bored to tears and about ready to pull my own hair out. Sad I know......
But those dark days of pulling hair are quite gone and now I am even more like my mother. (Yes the saying is true, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree). Now, at the age of 22 I am obsessed with shopping. I love fashion and clothes and even online browsing. I'm hooked. I even joined Style School (By Miss Elsie and Leigh-Ann).

However, there are a few items I've had on my list for awhile, but can't seem to find (or I can't seem to find the money to buy

- like a pencil skirt.
They are so 60's to me, and I LOVE that!

I also have an obession with cute and colorful tights.
The majority I found that I am in love with is over at; however, they're rather expensive. I also found some at forever 21 and urban outfitters (way back when). I really want to own more of these. They are just too pretty!

found at

found at

found on Elsie's flickr.

--skinny jeans!
I never use to be a fan of these. I blame it on being so tall. Since middle school I've felt like I was a giant compared to others (including my gorgeous girl friends and the boys I liked). I never wanted to make my height more obvious, so I tried to hide it if at all possible. To me, skinny jeans made my legs look longer and my feet bigger (another thing a size 9 girl tries to avoid, well back then....). But now, I'm trying to embrace my tall and big footed self. God made me this way and I should try to love it. So skinny jeans, here I come!!!! :)

What are your fashion obsessions??
And where have you (if you have, that is) found some awesome pencil skirts, tights, or skinny jeans?? I really, really, wanna know!!!


Lindsay said...

I love love scarves!! tights and knee high socks are cute too!!

Stefany said...

I love kitten heels and ballet flats in assorted colors/prints.

Allison said...

Oh my gosh- I am LOVING these styles! I also love retro dresses- ones with a bodice and a poufy skirt! :D