Tuesday, January 12, 2010

fact tuesday (v.1)

If I'm going to be honest, I have to admit that I have been thinking of what to write for this post all day. I kept thinking of little funny or cutesy things I could share about myself and then thought, "really, who would want to read this??"
Then I started thinking about my notebook of lists... I love it. It has random lists in it, with tabs (made from mini post-its). I try to carry it everywhere so that I can always add to my current lists or make new ones. It's probably a little weird, but I just am that much of an organization freak. I think that for future posts, I'll probably share some things from it, but I figured sharing that I have such a notebook to begin with is probably enough to share for one post.... just so yall dont think I'm too ocd or anything. However, I will share my lists....get ready!!

my lists:
-things i love
-things to look up (most likely online)
-things to get or buy
-random facts about me (which I will most likely end up sharing in my tuesday posts!)
- things that make me happy
- songs I need to get my hands on!
- things to try (starbucks drinks, new foods, etc)
- photoshoot ideas
- quotes my friends say that i want to add to our quote book (yup, i actually have made 3 books full of quotes from my friends, its soo great when i need to cheer myself up!)
- bible verses i love and stick out to me
- book quotes that stick out or that i really love
- attributes that i want my "perfect" guy to have
- my beliefs
- things to do/places to visit
- things my dream house would have
- my bucket list, list of goals for the coming year, and sometimes my goals for the current month
- things i want to change about myself
- my guilty pleasures

Well there you have it.

Do you make any fun/interesting/random lists?? Please share!!

muchmuch love,


Curlywiggles said...

i am always making lists, probably at least 5 a day! i would never keep a track of things otherwise. i am so excited that you like the Mighty Boosh too!

Lindsay said...

I make To Do lists daily lol :) but I did just do 2 blogs with interesting facts about me :) It got a really good response, I think you should do it! I love reading those, it helps on getting to know the blogger better :)

BuenoBueno said...

i love lists! they are so much fun! especially when you accomplish something on it!
i need to send out packages for sure today. Thats on my list:)
have a great day!
oh and i like writing my lists in pencil!

Suzanna said...

I make lists too! I think my brain needs them to keep my thoughts strait. I'm always forgetting things, so my lists are mostly for reference. most important part of my list making: writing them in pretty colored marker pens... :)

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

thanks for sharing ladies! I love hearing how others create their to do lists. I also am glad I'm not the only one that is constatnly making lists! :)

Lindsay- I read your posts, love them!!
<3 kel

Stefany said...

I make grocery lists. Yeah, exciting, I know. Sometimes to do lists, but that's about it.