Wednesday, January 20, 2010

guilty pleasure Wednesday (v.2)

Another Wednesday, another secret devulged.....

So I know that in introducing this idea I mentioned that I still listened to the Spice Girls, well I've got an even bigger secret than that.....I still watch (and yes that means own) their movie, Spice World.

I think the main reason is that it reminds me of childhood when I lived life in this bubble. Life seemed perfect then. In 1997, I got to travel to England to see my aunt and uncle (for a month!!!) I was in elementary school, I had wonderful friends, I knew nothing about the seriousness of life yet, and my parents still seemed blissfully happy. Listening to their music and watching their movie has gotten me some weird faces and I have even been the butt of jokes for it (because apparently listening to the Spice Girls and still liking them means you have bad taste....?). I don't care though. You can knock it all you want, while I don't think any of us can agree that they are wonderful musicians, I think all that matters is how the music makes you feel. And this music makes me feel happy, truly, wonderfully happy, like when I was a kid first being introduced to these short-skirt wearing Brits. :)

Any one else a Spice Girl fan?!?!? hehe :)
as always,
mucho love to you!!!


ZoiHoku said...

I have to admit that their music is pretty catchy and I would totally be singing along if I heard it come on the radio!

Dan said...

I'm not, but I feel the same way about a lot of old cartoons

Allison said...

Oh my gosh- HILARIOUS. I love me some Spice Girls, but have NEVER seen the movie! :D

Stefany said...

OMG. I totally forgot they had that movie. I never saw it, nor was I a Spice Girls fan. Michael likes/liked Spice Girls, though...he still has their CD.