Tuesday, January 5, 2010

a little update

I feel like so much is going on right now. I honestly thought that after January 1, 2010 things would start to slow down....wrong again. There are so many things to accomplish on my "to do" list and so many changes happening right now, which explains why I have been infrequent in my posting. I want to do better in 2010 though. In fact I have a TON of goals. I'll try to share those later....

So here is the little update on my life:
- my new roommate is moving in today. i'm pretty excited (and nervous since my last roomie was my bff and roomie for the past 4 years...) but he seems awesome. he already brought me a roommate gift (coffee and a surfing shirt from Costa Rica!!!!) can you say awesome?

- a second job seems to be opening up for me. i can't go into detail about it now, since it's not completely official yet, but when it is, i'll be spilling all the details. i'm really looking forward to this!! and no this does not mean i will be quitting my job at the law firm, i'll just have 2 now.

-i'm not taking any classes this semester. it was a difficult decision to make, and i probably will regret it some, but i need the break. i'm hoping that the one class i have left to take will be available in the summer and i can then intern in the Fall of 2010. we'll see about that one though.

I feel like so many things are changing right now and I need to make some goals for myself to keeep myself on track. I do this every year and while it seems like a lot of people now-a-days don't seem to care about making New Years resolutions, I still love it. I also make monthly goals for myself and sometimes weekly ones, just to keep myself focused and busy. I hate having nothing to do....

So what are your New Years resolutions??? Please share, I love hearing other people's goals!

a ton of love, kel


Jennifer said...

Oh gosh, I'm the same way. I have to make lists and goals for myself each day to organize my thoughts and to do's!

I wish you well in 2010, it seems like you are going to be off to a great start :)

my name is lauren. said...

it's good to take a break sometimes. i feel like when i was in college i was in such a rush to get finished that i crammed so much into each term, and once i was done, i wished i would've stopped to enjoy it a bit more. enjoy your break, and good luck with the new roommie...he sounds awesome already.

not sure if you already read my resolutions on my blog, but #1 is to pretty myself up more (wear more dresses, do my hair & makeup....). we'll see how that goes. it was 40 degrees and raining in portland yesterday, so i ended up going for the sweatshirt and jeans look, but hopefully it will warm up a bit soon so i can get on this goal!

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

jennifer- im glad im not the only one!!! ps love the blog! :)

lauren- i did read your blog! and i love your resolutions. i hear ya on the cold and rainy days messing trying to look cute (that's been happening a lot to me lately). im excited to see all the pretty things you do for this goal! :)

Curlywiggles said...

Hi Kel, Happy new year to you! Thanks for stopping by my blog, the tattoo I got in 2009 was of a flock of birds, to represent forward movement. All of my tattoos have meanings. i hope the new job works out for you :)

Lindsay said...

Hope your 2010 is awesome! Good luc on the 2nd job becoming official. My new years resolution is to be more patient :) That wil be a big one for me to work on!

BuenoBueno said...

i like being busy most the time bc i freak out when i have nothing to do. I got that from my dad.
I think it will be a good year for you! Lots of exciting things!
I wrote my resoulutions down and ill be posting them soon:)
DRINK WATER is my main one:0

Jennifer said...

kel!! I am so loving the cold weather!! Its the one time of year we can wear cute boots and tights and scarves! but don't worrry, I'm sure it won't last too long. It never really does. :/

What part of florida are you from?