Sunday, October 24, 2010

halloween kidos project

Halloween project: kido spider bracelet (diy)
I made this cute project with my sister's kidos and they really liked it. Its easy and fun for all. :)


-black construction paper
-tape oe zots
-pen or pencil
-white crayon
- buttons (optional for eyes)

Step 1:
get a black sheet of constructed and fold it on half
trace your kidos hand on one side

Step 2: cut out hand outline

-after you cut out the traced hand, you should be able to open it up and it look like this:

Step 3: get a pen/pencil etc. and roll up each of the fingers (for a nice curl)

Step 4: measure your kidos wrist and cut a black strip of construction paper the same length (this will be the bracelet part)

Step 5: decorate the hand as a spider
Step 6: velcro the bracelet part together (see above photo)
Step 6: tape or use zots (or dots) to attach the decorated spider to the bracelet part
End result:

and now your kido has a creepy crawly accessory. :)


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