Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday Wishes

I've been bad about these Wednesday posts. I'm starting to wonder if I'm getting to the point where I am so stressed I'm not allowing myself to think big anymore. :( So snapping out of that..... my wishlists for this week.

1. to throw some kick butt parties; friday (for my friends) and sunday (for my youth)
i've got tons of ideas for food and fun games....but there's a big gap between planning and dreaming up and actually creating and putting together. suffice to say i've managed to stress myself out....

2. more buttons for the collection
somehow i've become quite the button collector, although i've noticed my stash getting low. boo. it makes em wanna go shopping for more now.

3. a super awesome belt

i love this type of style- the big(ish) belt with a dress. but i have yet to find a belt that suits me. so step one: find a belt, step 2: pray it fits me, step 3: pray that i use it in a way that doesnt make me look silly or prego (which so many dresses seem to be doing lately.) (and by the way...i'm not either)

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~KS said...

Your wishlist is fabulous...
I love throwing parties too. Decorating, making food, laughing with friends... nothing better.

Hope you get everything on your list and then some!

LivKit said...

Cute! Parties are awesome! I am not a huge belt fan but the clothing attached is too cool. and I just posted mine! Happy Wednesday! :)

heather dawn said...

TRY the belts!! I love it! I wear them up on my rib cage so it give the illusion that I am smaller! It makes me look like I have smaller! I like that last interwoven belt! So pretty.

I also came over to tell you that I gave you a blog award on my blog! :D So, thank you for being awesome!!!

heather dawn said...

"it makes me look like I have smaller."

hmm. it should say smaller waistline. LOL.