Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday Wishes

Ah, another Wednesday (although to be honest, I went most of yesterday thinking it was Wednesday). Sad. Perhaps that's partly to do with putting me in a sour this morning... but somehow thinking up a grand list of wishes always makes things a little brighter. :)

This week, I'm wishing:

1. that I could live on a street like this, in a place like this.

2. that i had more time to read
i JUST finished The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo (I'm sure my sister was thrilled to finally get it back) and I started on this book:

the boyfriend kinda poked some fun at me for this one, but let's be honest, sometimes we need a light and funny read. so far i'm not sure how i feel about it though....
3. a photoshoot. and soon. i seriously have a million ideas, but finding the time (and finding people willing) is what has been keeping me from it.
4. that this weather would stay. i absolutely love fall because it's no longer 100 degrees out, but it hasn't hit freezing winter yet. not gonna lie, i hate being cold- so this 60ish weather is perfect!

So what are you wishing for right now??
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LivKit said...

I am about to post, and how do you find the other girls list? I am extra happy that fall has hit and what exactly are you lacking in the photoshoot dept? Photographer or someone to photograph?

amylou said...

that street reminds me of My Fair Lady!

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

LivKit- go to previous Wednesday wishes posts and i have linked them on there! :)

Elizabeth said...

I'm looking for my next good was The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo?? And seriously, I'm your photographer if your ever in the Chicago neck of the woods again :)

Holly Knitlightly said...

This is a really awesome list. LOVE that first house, so pretty. I love to read. I am either knitting or reading, or reading blogs, ha! Do a photoshoot! It sounds fun! :) I hope you have a wonderful weekend!