Monday, January 24, 2011

5 loves on monday

My Monday list of loves:

1. these beautiful cake pops. may i have a million please? thanks. (found here)

2. this awesome etsy print, found here

3. this pretty summer dress, found here

4. this oh so adorable plush doxie, found here

5. this sweet stack of vintage papers, found here



Courtney said...

I love Bakerella! I have been reading her blog for almost two years and I just love it! She is so impressive.

little j. said...

Ahhh that dress is so pretty and makes me want summer soooo badly!

Tiffany said...

I hope you are doing well Kellie! Feels like we have not chatted forever!
Love you~

Anonymous said...

Those flashcards totally reminds me of my elementary school days! LOL. Curse those flashcards!

I'm loving that Sun cute!

Anzouya said...

I love your loves! :-)
These photos are all great!
I have actually tried to make these cute cake pops (I've used the recipe and instructions from Bakerella) and they have turned out pretty good, not so perfect as these OF COURSE, but they were delicious!