Tuesday, January 4, 2011

100 joys (part 4)

30. an extra 2 days off from school and work (and not realizing it until the night before!!)

31. catching up with the roommate after he's been gone for the holidays

32. lunch that includes plantains. yuuuuummmm.

33. the weather getting cool again

34. finding treasures in my own home.
yes, i finally cleaned my room and in doing so i stumbled upon some great things i had forgotten about. score!

35. catching up on sleep!

36. not having to cook.
ill probably regret all the eating out, but its nice to not have to worry about cooking!

37. homemade cookies from my awesome pal erica

38. homemade brownies from my step-dad...just for me!

38. the sweetest card ever that my step-dad gave me. i'm so incredibly lucky to have had 2 great dad figures in my life

39. ringing in the new year with family and friends!!

40. new pretty toms! especially red ones to wear today (on wear red for public ed day)

41. catching up with old friends

42. getting phone calls from England....love you leigh!

43. coffee creamer....white chocolate raspberry (which i get at starbucks, but at home...cheaper and awesome!)

44. re-watching some old classic movies....cool runnings, Beethoven (ha!)

45. sushi nights!!!!

46. bubble tea!!!!

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