Wednesday, January 19, 2011

wednesday wishes

So, I'm finally getting somewhat back on track.....and I'm finally doing a Wednesday Wishes post.

Lately I've been wishing for.......

1. an ipad.
I never ever ever thought I would be one to want this. e\Even the name drives me crazy, but my directing teacher in my internship uses one in the classroom and it is a lifesaver and awesome addition to technology in the classroom. Today we used it to listen to a book on audio, while the students read along, to demonstrate a science concept, and to play music for the kids' active time.

2. okay, and I also want an iphone.
I feel like apple has taken over my mind. It's silly to admit, but I so badly want an iphone as well. I love that it has so many awesome apps (including scrabble) and I love that I can use it as a camera when need be, and I can have internet on me (again, another awesome thing for a teacher)....I just want one so badly.

3. some pretty shoes.
Gotta admit, I've also had my eyes on these pretty babies lately too. Although they would be mostly for fun (and not work) I haven't bought them.....but them more I look at them, the more I do want them!

What are you wishing for these days???


ps. if you signed up for a recent pen pal group and haven't gotten an email from me yet, don't worry.....i am still trying to catch up on those. please be patient, as i have recently changed schedules and am trying to get things back on track! much appreciated.


Alyssa said...

i was anti apple till the day i caved and got my iphone... now i don't think i could live calmly without it again - i just love it to pieces, especially all the apps that i have but really don't need but they make me smile!!

get one get one get one!!!

Melany said...

I got a Mac last year and it totally transformed me into an Apple fan. I might have to get an iPhone once it goes to Verizon.

nova said...

A brand new Mac. An iPhone AND a kindle. Is that too much to covet? haha