Monday, February 21, 2011

5 loves on monday & happy presidents day!

*my 5 loves today*

1. project restyle photos (all found on flickr):

photo 1; photo 2; photo 3

2. these cute presidents' day craft ideas (all found on flickr)

photo 1; photo 2

3. this etsy dress, found at this shop

4. this pretty little necklace found at this etsy shop

5. this photo (found on I just love the suitcases!!

oh and one more thing i love today.....? soup!
and it turns out i don't have the flu :) just strep and a viral infection....but at least it can be treated!! :)



Courtney said...

So cute!

I'm glad that your going to be feeling better! At least you can take some medicine and know it will go away! I hate it when I'm sick and it's always a cold that just lingers instead of a virus that I can treat! Feel better!

Adrienne said...

The dress and the mirror frame ---> OMG!

Brandi Newman said...

I'm in love love with the mirror! I just painted a picture frame a similar color!


Anonymous said...

Just LOVE the night stand! So awesome!
warm hugs,

Sarah said...

Thanks for putting my table up, and with such cute stuff! Thank you!