Sunday, July 10, 2011

52 lists in 52 weeks// week 6

A lovely guest post by Heather:

Hello Fellow Inspired List Makers!
I was so excited when Kellie granted a wish to to do a guest post on her wonderful site! And for lists none the less, I LOVE lists! And she is helping me fulfill a list of my own, 35 while I am 35 (35 things I want to do while I am 35) I had do 2 guests post on that list and this will be the second one!

I think that many of us hang on to too much stuff that no longer serves us, that just keeps us stuck, annoyed or sucks our energy away, even if we don't realize it on some level. At least I know for sure that I do. When I say stuff or things I mean physical, mental, habits, feelings and so on.

When we hang on to all of this stuff it blocks other things from coming to us, in other words I am of the belief that when release any of this "stuff" it makes room for something better in my life. That can by a physical item, feeling or opportunity. So I thought that for this week we could make a list of 10 things we want/need to let go of. For my list I did a mix of random actual items to habits and feelings.

What are 10 things you want/need to let go of?

Here is my list:
I can't wait to see what you creative souls come up with!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered ( and making lists along the way!)

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Mrs A said...

well you can always send the craft stuff to me! or donate them to a good cause, thanks Kelllie!

Angela O. said...

Hi Heather, I did that same thing when I was turning 30! I made a 30 list, but on my birthday a bunch of friends decided they should add their own things to my list - things that I didn't intend to do (learn to salsa dance??? I have NO coordination so that one was out!). Although some items we took care of that night (have my first sake bombs!). I hope you have better luck with your 35 list.