Wednesday, July 6, 2011

shalom y'all

I'm really trying to change the place around and make it more "us". Ok...maybe it's really just more me, but I'm at least trying.
Here are some peeks....

One of my favorite things about our place is the sign (above) by the door. My friend and her family got it for my mom and I in Jerusalem some years back. It's perfect!

yea.... a couple of weekends ago Steven and I had a Harry Potter "weekend of wizardry". All the movies in 2 days. I must say....I am SOOOO excited for the final one to come out now! I had never seen all the movies before (only 2 or 3).

In Florida, you can never have too many flip flops....or rain boots. ha!

My sock monkey easter basket. I loved it so much, I couldn't put it away after easter.

Picture drawn by Janel. Love it!!

The above (and below) photos are by my bedside. I love the one of my dad clicking his heels. It was taken by my uncle after my dad graduated law school. It's probably one of my favorite photos of him.

Well, there it is. I still have so many more things that I want to change though. I get bored too easily....anyone else get that way? Bored and then feel the need to clean or reorganize or redecorate??

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Tiffany said...

love it all~ especially that awesome photo of your dad! :)
love you!